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Rösler Oberflächentechnik

Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • Successful relationship since 2010
  • Deep experience with SAP
  • Short implementation duration

HANA lets us produce live data much more quickly, and display it more effectively in analytical tools, than was previously the case. The side-by-side scenario also allows us to learn more about HANA as a database and accumulate know-how. In the long term, it will help us to operate the ERP suite on HANA and make better use of the benefits of this new database technology.

Marcus Henkel, Head of Central Administration, Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH

Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH is a mechanical engineering company specializing in sophisticated surface treatment systems using mass finishing and blasting technology. Its international network of test centers develops solutions designed to provide a perfect match for customers’ needs.
Apart from surface treatments, the company provides a comprehensive range of accessories and processing materials such as abrasive wheels and compounds. It has sites at Bad Staffelstein and Untermerzbach in Germany, and fifteen subsidiaries and sixty distributors around the world.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Creating a HANA system alongside the existing SAP system
  • Creating a central, standardized and ad-hoc reporting platform with automated replication


  • Supports fast, targeted and efficient decision making using a powerful database that provides information in near-real time
  • Full replication of reporting data direct from ERP
  • Simple modeling and monetization of data in HANA, with self-service access by the specialist departments concerned, using the latest and most innovative tools
  • This approach already has the potential to enable ERP processes to benefit from HANA, without switching the whole of ERP to it


  • SAP HANA in a sidecar scenario combined with employee training

About the Project

In the past, Rösler used its own audit programming to produce standard reports from SAP ERP or Excel spreadsheets, using complicated data extraction, evaluation, reporting and display processes. Creating a central, standardized and ad-hoc reporting platform with automated replication marked an exciting first step towards HANA.

The company implemented the new SAP solution very quickly with the help of the NTT DATA Business Solutions team, generating the first report in the summer of 2014. Much of this speed was down to the mentoring strategy followed by NTT DATA Business Solutions, which provided user training at an early stage to ensure that staff were fully familiarized with the new solution and could use it on their own. NTT DATA Business Solutions HANA expert Lorenz Beckmann says: “Rösler’s use of SAP HANA shows how an innovative and effective IT team from a medium-sized company can achieve rapid and significant benefits for all departments of a business, and gain strategic positioning on the road to HANA.”

Rösler first implemented HANA-based reporting in its sales department. Here, staff now have self-service access to the data they need to make fast, fact-based decisions, and flexible, user-friendly reporting and analysis processes enabling them to generate their own reports on orders received and sales invoiced.

Only the data they need for reporting is replicated from the ERP system and processed in HANA Studio for self-service display. This means that even less technology-minded staff can analyze and graph data from a single source to obtain quick, simple answers to business questions without the IT department’s help.

Rösler’s powerful HANA database enables it to make fast, well founded decisions. Analysis results can be viewed interactively in seconds, reducing the company’s costs and workload and increasing its productivity, while near-real-time synchronization ensures that data is always current.

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