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Krak - TimeXtender - a Modern Data Management Platform

Krak is a Nordic tech company helping small and medium-sized companies with digital marketing. Krak is also a search engine for information on private persons.

With our new data management platform, we can streamline our data to create a single version of the truth - helping us to make faster and more well-informed business decisions.

Preben Roed Skaksen, Chief Data Officer, Krak

Exploit the Power of Data with a Modern Data Management Platform

The data management platform TimeXtender Data Discovery Hub® enables Krak to make better business decisions by extracting data faster and more easily than previous solutions

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Automate Your Work with Data

We have all heard the story about data as the new oil – floating around your business just waiting to be tapped. But only few companies have managed to actually build an environment that makes it possible to connect various data silos and then catalog, model, move and report on the full data lifecycle.

Krak, part of Eniro, has managed to exploit the power of data. In the summer of 2019, the company went live with the new data management platform, TimeXtender Data Discovery Hub®, building upon their existing Salesforce CRM solution.

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