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An Outline of Our Main Security & Compliance Solutions

We offer smart, innovative and reliable solutions to ensure that your company is secure and compliant. We are your expert SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance and much more.

And that’s not all. We can provide you with even more products, solutions and services. Start a conversation with us about your objectives, pain points, and ideas. We empower you to transform, grow and be more successful.

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Xiting Authorizations Management automates costly and time-consuming tasks, improves compliance and reduces risks of errors

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SecurityBridge is the first and only holistic, natively integrated security platform, addressing all the security needs of SAP customers.

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ERP Maestro Access Control and GRC Solution
ERP Maestro

Keep Your Company Secure on the Inside with ERP Maestro’s Access Control and GRC Solutions for SAP

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SAP Governance Risk and Compliance

NTT DATA Business Solutions supports companies with streamlining their risk and compliance management with SAP Governance Risk & Compliance (SAP GRC).

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