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Digital transformation in the supply chain done right – with best-of-breed planning and execution. Get customer-centric products to your markets faster at less costs with innovative SAP digital supply chain solutions.

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What Is the Digital Supply Chain?

Unlike the traditional supply chain, the digital supply chain is based on web functions. The digital supply chain takes full advantage of continuous electronic connectivity, full integration of all systems, and data from smart components.

Imagine the impact of the latest technologies, like AI, cloud, and machine learning combined with vast amounts of real-time data in a single, common, digital thread that integrates every part of the product life cycle. Every process is going to be harmonized, predictive, and more intelligent bringing productivity throughout the lifecycle.

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We Are Your Experts for Digital Supply Chain Solutions

What we have illustrated so far, is just a glimpse of how we can help to transform your supply chain. As your partner, we can help you uncover needs and level the playing field:

  • In over 30 years of projects supply chain components have always been a key part
  • We have built a network of skilled consultants across the globe for you
  • Our consultants work across all industries, bringing best practices and experience
  • We have developed a wide range of products, services and workshops in our AddStore to scale up your existing SAP or non-SAP supply chain solution.

Do you have questions regarding our digital supply chain solutions or how to get started? Do not hesitate to reach out!

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Sanquin Plasma Products

We have a partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions that goes far beyond a customer supplier relationship. This is not just about the available knowledge, but also about the way in which we do business with one another.

Duco Brouwer Vice President Supply Chain Management, Sanquin Plasma Products


Digitalization in Supply Chain Management - Focused on Three Key Areas

How can you manage processes that you can not see?
How do you implement connected, automated manufacturing processes?
Are all of your planning and execution processes seamlessly connected?
SAP Supply Chain Management process

Digital Supply Chain Planning

New trends and technologies are having an impact on supply chains across all industries. New processes, such as omnichannel commerce are forcing companies to rethink their supply chain planning and warehouse management. From design to finished products there are a lot of challenges for supply chain planners, who must keep pace with every change in the supply chain. The SAP Integrated Business Planning solution helps to address the challenges and provide real-time data. It is a cloud-based solution that combines sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting and demand, response and supply, demand-driven replenishment, and inventory planning.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The pace of change in manufacturing has never been so high. To meet new demands and remain competitive, you need faster responses, state-of-the-art technology, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and connected processes from supply chain planning to manufacturing execution and logistics. At the same time, you need to ensure full traceability and documentation to comply with strict regulations. But overall you need to focus on customer centricity. Customers are communicating their requirements very clearly, and they want  the ability to design products to fit their specific needs.

Without real-time visibility companies can not shift resources intelligently and fast enough to avoid production delays. The SAP Manufacturing Execution solution helps to break the transparency barrier to make mass and individualized products possible and respond to manufacturing requirements. The production processes will be automated and synchronized with the help of AI and Machine Learning based on SAP S/4HANA.

Execution Management for the Digital Age

Companies require effective warehouse management, transportation management, and logistics execution systems. At the same time, they need to manage an extended supply chain where all planning and supply chain execution processes are seamlessly connected. This necessitates the sharing of live information throughout the supply network.

The daily challenge for logistics is to defend the supply chain against disruptive threads and make sure it can deliver orders on time. With the SAP Extended Warehouse Management solution logistics and fulfillment companies have direct access to intelligent technologies such as predictive and prescriptive analytics. This level of intelligence leads to a network for manufacturers, logistics and warehouse managers that connects them in real-time to make sure that everything is on time.

Trends in Supply Chain Execution - Internal and External Logistics 2025+

Internal Logistics Guide for Supply Chain Management
Expert Paper
The Future of Internal Logistics

In our “Internal Logistics 2025+” strategic guide, we outline the specific changes that need to be made and how they can be achieved with the help of digital technologies. We focus on both material and information flows. These are of extraordinary importance – because in many cases they are the indispensable enabler. Download the Guide for more insights.

Download the Guide

External Logistics Guide for Supply Chain Management
Expert Paper
The Future of External Logistics

There are two main challenges for manufacturers that we describe in our Strategic Guide. First, they must meet the increasing demand for deliveries and create the right conditions for this. And second, they have to work on making deliveries as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce the burden on the infrastructure. More insights in the Guide.

Download the Guide

Start Your Intelligent Enterprise with the Digital Supply Chain
Digital Twin Scenario – Part 2 – Bring Your Things to Life
Watch on Digital Twin Scenario – Part 2 – Bring Your Things to Life

Optimize Your Warehouse Management with the Digital Supply Chain Twin

In this video, Wolfgang Möller, Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things at NTT DATA Business Solutions, gives a lecture on the digital supply chain twin as applied to the product lifecycle management of a warehouse.

The digital twin reflects the real life of the machine in a centralized location, often a cloud-based application that can be easily accessed. It’s the so-called Asset Intelligence Network where everything is captured over the entire lifecycle. Be inspired by our digital twin scenario, providing a look at all parties involved: the manufacturer, the operator, and the maintenance provider.

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How Our Customers Benefit from Us

Malvern Panalytical itelligence
Malvern Panalytical

Malvern Panlytical were convinced that if the project was delivered successfully, they would benefit by reducing transactional processing overheads from their supply chain, whilst reaping the benefits of better collaboration with their suppliers, communicating in real-time.


Various SAP Solutions from SAP S/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP fiori and NTT DATA Business Solutions IP. Read the case study to find out how this helped AESSEAL accelerate their business.

sonnen GmbH / sonnen eServices GmbH

With its vision to provide clean and affordable energy, sonnen GmbH has become the global market leader for energy storage systems. Since 2010, sonnen has installed over 40,000 "sonnenBattery" systems worldwide, and supplies over 160,000 people with power from renewable energies.

Synthon B.V., Nijmegen, Netherlands

The innovative industry leader Synthon, located in Nijmegen, produces high-quality generic medicines, biosimilars, as well as new biological and chemical entities.

Cipla Europe NV, Antwerp, Belgium

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, Cipla Europe is a leading global provider of medicinal products, such as respiratory, HIV, vaccines, over-the-counter medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, plain generics, and hospital products.

Bernard Krone Holding

In close cooperation between NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants and the Krone Group, a solution was implemented that combines individual forecasting models for planning spare part demand with processes for determining safety stock levels and for optimizing lot sizes.

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