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SAP Governance Risk & Compliance

The Complete Toolbox for Compliance Processes in Your SAP Environment

Solves complex challenges regarding risk, compliance and security

Streamline Risk Management and Compliance Processes

SAP Governance Risk & Compliance (SAP GRC) is a strong concept for how companies streamline risk management and compliance processes, deeply rooted in the existing IT environment and the business.

With a palette of innovative applications, SAP GRC covers all needs for governance, including targeted tools for automation and monitoring of access control, process control, GDPR, identity management, as well as tools for hedging risks and conflicts.

Advantages? Complete readiness, automation and a constant overview of compliance levels and complexity. SAP GRC manages heavy, manual processes, ensures fast and error-free reporting, proactively monitors compliance levels and risks and effectively manages control follow-up and conflicts.

Increasing Complexity and Regulatory Pressure

Companies experience an increasing pressure to document and validate risks and compliance. Technological as well as regulatory demands increase the complexity regarding governance, risk & compliance.

SAP GRC offers a complete universe of tools to optimize governance in any SAP landscape – fully interacting with the existing rights management. This way the tools recreate control and overview of the challenges and processes connected with GRC – across all the underlying systems, business units, time zones and country borders.

SAP GRC can uncover and avoid conflicts of rights during billing, orders, document access and can control identities, data access, geographical limitations, mobile access etc. SAP GRC also provides intuitive solutions to work with the European Data Regulations, GDPR, which results in heavy demands on the handling of sensitive personal data as of May 2018.

Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • We lack one overall overview of risks and compliance challenges in the SAP landscape
  • Governance Risk & Compliance is a heavy, manual task and we lack the ability to document our efforts and challenges
  • We want to strengthen and anchor Risk & Compliance in our business processes, including SAP Access Control, SAP Process Control, SAP Risk Management and on SAP Security
  • It is business critical for us that our compliance efforts and preparedness are automated and anchored in all parts of our SAP infrastructure

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NTT DATA Business Solutions has more than 30 years of experience in implementing SAP. Furthermore, we develop new products continuously, which support an efficient and optimal use of SAP. NTT DATA Business Solutions embraces the whole spectrum within SAP Governance Risk & Compliance, and our team of experts have wide and deep knowledge about how companies optimize, automates and strengthen the governance efforts across the entire SAP environment.

As an expert and full service provider, NTT DATA Business Solutions offers everything from design, project management, implementation and hosting of SAP GRC applications to consultancy.

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