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Integrate standardized and cost-efficient processes with SAP Ariba for supplier selection, contract design as well as holistic purchase and spend management.

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SAP Ariba procurement and spend solution
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Be Ready for a Cloud-Based Future with SAP Ariba

In the past, procurement was more about bringing in supplies and services you need to do business, rather than a way to create business and long-lasting relationships. Today, in our digital era, organizations focus on optimized spend management and supply chain processes, which make the difference in achieving higher profit margins and strengthening market competitiveness.

What Is the Offering of SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based platform for procurement, intelligent spend management and supply chain services, regardless of the industry. The solution includes strategic modules from supplier management via spend analysis to buying and contracts, which enables companies to streamline their procurement and spend processes, identify potential savings, and build a stable supply chain in a single source of truth. Users also become part of the largest B2B network, where companies can interconnect, digitally collaborate, and virtually transact with millions of suppliers and partners.

The solution is designed for large and medium-sized organizations that want to digitize their purchasing and procurement processes from supplier selection to contract. SAP Ariba Snap is the appropriate extension of the Ariba portfolio for SMEs.

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Get an Overview of the Strategic SAP Ariba Modules

Discover the modules of SAP Ariba and see how to streamline and simplify all processes from source to pay on a single integrated cloud platform.

Supplier Management – Evaluate Existing Suppliers and Engage with New Ones

SAP Ariba Supplier Management helps you evaluate the performance of your suppliers and find new partners based on your new spend management needs. Easily analyze articles, news, stories, and feedback in SAP Ariba to segment suppliers based on up-to-date information. Moreover, before procuring, you can configure risk views and alerts for each supplier relationship and role using the Supplier Risk solution.

Strategic Sourcing – Manage Spending and Contracting

You can manage your entire sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for direct and indirect materials as well as for services, all within SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing. With the Ariba Contracts solution, you can also consolidate your contract processes. A comprehensive toolkit offers multiple contract templates and easy workflows to help you monitor compliance issues.

Procurement – Make Spend Management More Efficient and Ensure Full Control

Manage all operational spend management processes – from request to invoicing. Get access to more options through catalog enablement and gain more control over costs and potential risks. As your buying processes run with maximum efficiency, your invoicing and payment transactions are seamlessly integrated into the ERP.

Financial Supply Chain – Put an End to Invoicing Errors and Secure Liquidity

SAP Ariba Financial Supply Chain helps you automate all manual, paper-based processes in your spend management cycle. Intelligent invoicing functions alert suppliers about mistakes. What’s more, the solution enables cash and liquidity management by assessing your current payment terms and cash position according to the industry standard.

Spend Analysis – Organize Spend Data from Scattered Systems

Alongside procurement transactions, SAP Ariba Spend Analysis offers insightful analyses on your ERP procurement processes, as well as sourcing activities on non-SAP ERP systems. Thanks to a built-in tool for analyzing big data and group algorithms, spend analysis provides insights into upcoming procurement.

Buying – Simplify Your Buying Processes

SAP Ariba Buying supports both catalog and non-catalog buying processes. If you normally select from a catalog, you can just open your requests in the supplier’s catalog in the Ariba Network. Provided that the supplier is approved, you can create the catalog directly in the system. This allows you to access the required item via the Ariba platform, without the need for additional information.

Contracts – Track and Manage Contracts

Easily track and manage all contracts related to specific spend management with SAP Ariba Contracts. You can monitor your contracts in terms of prices, quantities, and legal aspects. Managing your contracts on the cloud-based platform allows you to track expiration dates through completion reports of the system. Moreover, you can decide how you will be alerted when a contract is nearing expiry.

benefits of SAP Ariba solutions

Benefits of SAP Ariba at a Glance

Besides becoming part and benefit from the largest B2B supplier’s and buyer’s marketplace – the SAP Ariba Network – this SAP solution has even more advantages, which support your business. Get an overview of the top benefits:

  • More agile and better spend management decisions: Gain superior data visibility with access to all real-time information immediately.
  • Improved collaboration with buyers and suppliers: Set supplier targets, clarify specific order details, identify optimization potential, and prevent shortfalls.
  • Added control and standardization: Establish tight controls and automate processes to drive down procurement spend.
  • Increase efficiencies: Find and consolidate suppliers quickly and manage the entire procure-to-pay processes in one single source of truth.
the powerful spend management solution for small and midsize enterprises
SAP Ariba Snap as a procurement solutions for midsize companies

SAP Ariba Snap – The Solution for Small and Midsize Businesses

In increasingly competitive markets, cost pressure is rising – and small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are impacted more than anyone. Today, the profit lies in purchasing. But as SMEs face the same procurement and spend complexity that larger enterprises do, they need a simpler way to manage their suppliers and control spend.

For this reason, SAP has expanded the Ariba portfolio with SAP Ariba Snap, the customized solution for fast growing small and mid-market companies. SAP Ariba Snap is the world’s most powerful, digital end-to-end procurement software, delivering simplified intelligent spend management that is packaged and priced to fit the business size and to scale as the company grows. Users enjoy all the benefits of the Ariba Network as well, like having access to a global marketplace of over 4 million suppliers.

The snap solution is easy – easy to deploy, to administer and to adopt. The solution is ready to run, so users can make their first purchase on day one. As well it is quickly ready for use, enabling to go live within 12 weeks or less.

Digitalize Procurement and Spend Management Right Away

infographic SAP Ariba Snap procurement and spent solution
Top 5 Reasons: Why You Should Consider SAP Ariba Snap

SAP Ariba Snap takes the complexity out of spending and ensures you improve cash flow and control. What’s more, the snap solution allows you to increase spend compliance with preferred suppliers, contracts, policies, pricing, and gives employees a consumer-grade experience. Have a look at the infographic and learn how to handle your purchasing processes digitally and centrally and make your business grow. Also get a brief overview of the top five benefits from SAPs' offering for SMEs.

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What is Ariba Network?
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Enjoy Collaboration within the SAP Ariba Network

As part of the SAP Business Network, the Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital, and constantly growing community for collaboration and knowledge sharing between organizations. More than 14 million users and 195 million catalog items make it the world’s largest B2B marketplace, which connects millions of buyers and suppliers. Currently users from 190 countries around the globe use the system and operate in around 24 languages. Via the network transactions of 3 trillion dollars are made in business commerce every year.

Why should you become part of it? Because of the network effect: The more users and more connections the network has, the more value it provides. Watch the video to get more insights into the SAP Ariba Network and the benefits becoming part of it.

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Centralizing all aspects of spend management builds solid foundations for generating new business and strengthening relationships with existing suppliers. By introducing the SAP Ariba’s network of solutions, you and your suppliers are always up to date and have all the information you need to find the best deal.

Jan Ammann, Global Head of Industry & LoB Services, Global Field Consulting, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

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Why We Are Your Trusted SAP Ariba Partner

As an SAP Innovation Partner, we are one of the early adopters of SAP Ariba, SAP Ariba Snap as well as Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) and SAP Digital Supplier Network (DSN). Moreover, NTT DATA Business Solutions is always closely involved in the latest developments regarding the Ariba portfolio.

Being an SAP Platinum Partner as well, we have won the SAP Pinnacle Award on multiple occasions. In 2020, we received the SAP Pinnacle Award for being the ‘Intelligent Spend Management Partner of the Year’ among others. This acknowledgement for our outstanding contributions with SAP Ariba serves us as an incentive to continue in our strategic efforts to continuously invest in intelligent spend as well as procurement management.

This also benefits our customers through the continued development and expansion of our partner network and the know-how transfer that NTT DATA Business Solutions conducts in order to translate the latest SAP technologies into digitalization solutions, tailored to meet our worldwide customers’ needs.

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