The Path to Successful Customer Service

Field service management - how to seamlessly integrate resource planning and technical service


Optimize Scheduling to Improve Service Quality

Product returns, complaint processing, repairs in the workshop and onsite maintenance require effective service management across multiple channels. This not only encourages customer satisfaction, but also ensures a lucrative increase in revenue. However, it is impossible to leverage this potential if your internal service team continues to work with spreadsheets or your field service technicians have to record information by hand. So how do you deliver service on demand?

NTT DATA Business Solutions supports you in seamlessly connecting every customer service process. This creates a smooth, streamlined workflow from accepting return requests to processing them. With SAP Service Cloud, your dispatchers gain complete transparency over all technicians and orders, while the field service team is able to enter data simply and quickly via a mobile service app.

All of this is part of an entire suite of solutions called SAP C/4HANA that lets you create a customer experience fit for the digital age.

And with tools from the NTT DATA Business Solutions own Coresystems, your dispatchers can even plan your technicians in real-time.

From Service Notifications to Operation Planning and Expense Claims, NTT DATA Business Solutions Experts and C/4HANA Solutions Cover All of Your Needs

Customer Service: How We Can Support You

As a close, longstanding SAP partner, we play an active part in the development of SAP solutions and are familiar with every detail of SAP C/4HANA. We are not just experts in standards, but also drive innovations such as predictive maintenance. But what does this mean for you?

With NTT DATA Business Solutions as your partner, you can be sure that your field service processes and internal services are one hundred percent integrated into your SAP systems – and that you can fully leverage the opportunities of the digital age.

Transform Your Business with NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Next-Generation Customer Service AddOns

NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed a wide range of solutions to enhance and expand you IT landscape and customer service processes.

Our AddOns are designed to strengthen your digital service processes and drive customer loyalty by empowering customers and contributing to improved customer relationships. Moreover, our solutions utilize innovative interfaces that allow for the latest AI based, humanized customer interactions for a memorable customer experience.

Visit our AddStore to learn more about our customer service AddOns and what we can do for your customer service processes.

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Are You Familiar with These Service Challenges?

Assign technicians efficiently and optimize route planning

Coordinate the expertise of your technicians with timetables and your customers’ requirements.

Collect and view service information on site

Technicians can immediately enter all job-relevant data via a mobile service app.

Process service notifications faster

Relevant data is available to internal service teams and technicians.

Implement predictive maintenance

Support your customers before any damage occurs.

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

Uncover weak points in your service process and analyze how you can increase productivity.

SAP Service Cloud: Survey Your Customers to Know How to Best Serve Them

How Can SAP C/4HANA Solutions Improve Your Service ?

Find In-Depth Information on SAP Service Cloud in Our Buyer’s Guide
Expertise Brief
Find In-Depth Information on SAP Service Cloud in Our Buyer’s Guide

If you want to learn more about SAP C/4HANA solutions and how they can benefit your company, download the NTT DATA Business Solutions buyer’s guide.


How Our Customers Benefit from Us

FOSS, Hillerød, Denmark

Foss has just completed the global CRM roll-out project of introducing SAP to all sales staff and technicians. SAP is now available on 600 employees’ telephones and tablets. Great potential for efficiency.

Salling Group (former Dansk Supermarked)

The eWM project for Salling Group officially started in September 2008 with the message that the roll-out would be ready the following year - a deadline that was respected.


The it mds solution automates the process whenever Nilfisk-Advance creates and modifies material in SAP. The company thus saves time and cuts back on human errors made each year.

Increase Accuracy, Efficiency, and Personalization in Customer Service

How SAP C/4HANA Helps You Improve Your Customer Service Management
Solution Brief
How SAP C/4HANA Helps You Improve Your Customer Service Management

Learn how SAP Service Cloud, automation, and self-service options can boost customer satisfaction – in this NTT DATA Business Solutions solution brief.


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NTT DATA Business Solutions supports you in creating a customer experience fit for the digital age with solutions from the SAP C/4HANA suite.

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