Maximize Efficiency and Yield in the Natural Resources and Energy Industry

Unified and User-Friendly Systems that Automate Critical Processes, Prevent Miscommunication, and Improve Productivity Company-Wide


Solve Real-World Challenges with Purpose-Built Digital Processes

Success in the energy and natural resources industry often requires seamlessly managing large projects across large distances, communicating effortlessly across borders, and coordinating workers, suppliers and customers – with all the added complexities of working with advanced engineering, compliance issues, and cost control.

Implementing the right, unified ERP system across your company – customized to your KPIs and your needs – lets you monitor all moving parts and quickly respond to issues that arise. It helps improve productivity and security, and help in meeting the high expectations of customers, owners, investors and regulators.


It wasn’t a matter of using SAP as a techincal solution, but about ensuring that our Turkish operation was better intergrated with Statkraft’s wider operations.

Olav Hypher, Country Manager, Statkraft Turkey

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Highly Reliable Software Solutions for Demanding Environments

Whether you are working on installations on the ocean floor – miles off-shore and thousands of feet below the surface – or you are responsible for a hydroelectric plant hanging off the side of a mountain, you are dealing with unique challenges with regard to communication and reporting, asset and supply chain management, environment, health and safety.

You need a highly customized, one-of-a-kind IT solution and digital transformation strategy that addresses your particular needs. But you also need the rock-solid reliability that comes with best-of-breed software like SAP, proven to work over millions of hours of runtime, trusted by industry leaders and government agencies around the world. That’s where NTT DATA Business Solutions comes in.

Real-Time Reporting for Better Communication, Compliance, and Decision-Making

Even small or midsized projects in the energy and natural resources industry may have significant regional – sometimes even national – impact. Consequently, your work is closely scrutinized, and you’re navigating a web of regulatory, financial and political considerations.

Dealing with the required oversight, reporting and documentation, and the communication with interested parties, requires a robust system for business intelligence, report generation and electronic data interchange (EDI).

The best solution automatically gathers data from IoT-connected sensors and devices, allows workers to log relevant data quickly and easily, instantaneously making it available to others who need it – whether that is someone in HR, finance, or engineering – and lets you monitor all your KPIs in real-time, putting all the information you need at your fingertips.

Learn more about the Internet of Things

Expert Paper
Digitalization: How to Find the Right Strategy for Your Enterprise

Digital transformation is not a future issue: It presents real challenges for businesses every day. In this expert paper, Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director of Global Business Solutions at NTT DATA Business Solutions, discusses changing business models, the opportunities of disruption, and how businesses can make the best start to their digitalization strategy.

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Are You Facing Any Of These Challenges?

  • Do you have difficulties updating your KPIs in realtime or gathering the data you need to get a clear and complete picture of your operations?
  • Do you spend a lot of time and effort collecting and combining information from IT systems that don’t work well together?
  • Are you dealing with particularly time-consuming or inefficient workflows – for example with regard to demand management and procurement, or HR and workforce management?
  • Do you depend on systems that are vulnerable to human error or miscommunication, or routines that rely entirely on one or two individuals’ knowledge.
  • Are you struggling to get the entire organization to comply with the same standards and regulations?
  • Does the current setup of your SAP or other ERP suite no longer reflect how you work and the challenges your organization?

If so, we should talk. Those are exactly the kind of challenges NTT DATA Business Solutions help you solve.

Solving Top Challenges in the Energy and Natural Resources Industry

Project Orchestration

Getting a new plant or facility online is a massive effort and project management challenge. The stakes are high and even small mistakes and delays are expensive, so you need to be sure you are using the best tools for the job. An ERP system designed and integrated for you by NTT DATA Business Solutions pulls together all the different aspects of your project and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Across the project organization, and through seamless electronic data interchange implementation, your workers, engineers and suppliers all effortlessly get access to the information they need, and in turn share their data with those who need it. All the while improving communication, safety and cost control, and giving you unparallelled oversight.

Operational Integrity

A unified ERP system, in which different parts of your operation communicate seamlessly with each other, gives you better insight into operations, and lets you automate more tasks and workflows, freeing up time and resources, and minimizing human error.

Incorporate sensors and operational technology to connect your installations to the digital systems through the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). This allows you to detect and address hazardous situations or suboptimal performance earlier, and provide real-time reporting on key indicators.

The result is a safer, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable operation.

Digital Enterprise Asset Management

Make sure you get the most out of your operational assets, like pipelines, cables and substations, by closely monitoring their performance and utilization levels. Develop a digital transformation strategy that helps you optimize assets’ lifespan and reduce unplanned downtime by predicting maintenance needs better. Leverage EDI to improve communication with asset manufacturers and service providers, faciliating collaboration and eliminating delays throughout the supply chain.

Powerful Predictive Analytics

Put the wealth of data you already collect through your day-to-day operations to better use – logged from sensors connected to the Internet of Things, automatically computed, manually reported by your workforce, or gathered through interactions with clients.

Use artificial intelligence to analyze and mine your data for patterns, that can uncover surprising connections, make more accurate predictions, and identify trends and opportunities. Deeper insights take much of the guesswork out of the planning and decision making, whether internally, in the management of your operations, or out in the marketplace.

Our Industry Specialities

Plant Management

Managing power plants is about efficiency and cost control, as both the product and market are uniquely unforgiving of waste. NTT DATA Business Solutions assists with digital transformation and sets up systems optimizing for performance, and for safe, effective management of workforce, assets, finances, and sales.

Oilfield Services

Oilfield service companies get a competitive advantage by using tightly integrated ERP systems, with business intelligence and predictive analytics to maximize productivity and optimize resource consumption. Tightly integrated systems allow for flexible manufacturing, agility in the market and improved supply chain management.

Multinational Operations

With local presence in 20 countries around the world, and native knowledge of each market’s particulars, NTT DATA Business Solutions is a natural partner for companies expanding into or out of the Norwegian oil and gas or energy markets. Whether setting up a wholly new ERP system or adapting an existing SAP installation to the new, international reality, NTT DATA Business Solutions can help.

How Our Customers Benefit from Us


With the implementation of the SAP HANA database, Krempel is well prepared for the introduction of SAP S/4HANA while Remote Administration and NTT DATA Business Solutions AMS are providing the manufacturer with stability in productive operations and scalable services at projectable costs.

sonnen GmbH / sonnen eServices GmbH

With its vision to provide clean and affordable energy, sonnen GmbH has become the global market leader for energy storage systems. Since 2010, sonnen has installed over 40,000 "sonnenBattery" systems worldwide, and supplies over 160,000 people with power from renewable energies.

Nava Bharat Ventures Limited

For the past four decades, Nava Bharat Ventures has been driving mining, energy, and agriculture industries in India and Africa. The company operates several power plants, processing plants, and mines in various geographies and manufactures ferroalloys for the rail and automobile industries.

Maamba Collieries Limited (MCL)

Zamba's largest coal mining company, Maamba Collieries Ltd., practices eco-friendly methods to deliver enough energy to support a burgeoning economy while protecting the environment.


The 77 people with budget responsibility are working in a system that is as user-friendly as Excel; “behind the scenes” the data is linked intelligently and automatically. This means that SEAS-NVE can budget much more on the activities that drive them.


As one of Turkey's most deep-rooted banking institutions, Akbank operates with more than 1,000 branches nationwide .

Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

“Previously, we couldn’t provide true driver-based planning, and it was a challenge just to create one version of a plan. Now, businesses are modeling all types of scenarios, even within a single forecast cycle, and because they now own it, they have a much clearer understanding of how the data…

Suburban Propane

Suburban is taking advantage of the improved performance of SAP ERP 6.0 and is well-positioned for future enhancements. Additionally, Suburban is realizing valuable financial savings because of the hardware refresh and transition to a virtual model.

ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih

The hosting of ArcelorMittal's data takes place at the NTT DATA Business Solutions data center in Poznan. This not only ensures a smooth process for their 2,000 users, but also achieves substantial savings.

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