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Julie Hannerz | juni 13, 2022

Emarsys – Taking the Complexity out of Marketing



Everyone knows that marketing is about being able to target the right audience at the right time with the right content. Being able to successfully engage with customers requires data and insights, and inevitably technology to both capture and process that data. Nevertheless, technology can only do so much and typically you still need people to interpret data and act on it, which makes working with data complex and time consuming.
However, Emarsys acts as a marketeer and not only captures and analyses data, but also interprets it and suggests tactics to improve your numbers and performance. The tactics are based on many years of industry knowledge and experience, and they appear as actual marketing automations which are ready to be executed. Besides reducing time to value, the application is very user-friendly and intuitive to use, thereby also catering to the less tech savvy marketeers.
Another key feature of Emarsys is its channel agnostic personalization capabilities. These allow one to save time by designing marketing content once and execute it across multiple channels – thereby maintaining consistency across channels while redirecting the focus from the channel to the customer.  

Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for marketing organizations to use a myriad of different technologies for marketing operations and channels, but there is really quite a bit to be gained by simplifying ones martech landscape internally. It is not unheard of that organizations face challenges in justifying their marketing investments and this is typically attributed to the challenges of measuring the impact of marketing on revenue – or in other words – measuring what works and what does not. However, consolidating and unifying all data, channels and campaigns in one single platform allows one to do exactly that – making marketing measurable, for example by measuring the revenue impact of the personalization on a campaign- or channel level.  


Implementation facts 

Obviously, Emarsys works well in larger organizations, but contrary to many beliefs, it is also well suited for smaller organizations – especially as it comes with functionality that reduces the need for certain marketing-, integration- and analytic capabilities within an organization. Despite Emarsys being part of the SAP family, one does not have to have any other SAP applications in order to be able to benefit from Emarsys and all its capabilities. As for the implementation effort, Emarsys mainly consists of out-of-the-box functionality, which allows for an implementation time typically between 1-3 months depending on aspects such as number of channels, readiness of data, etc.  


Let’s face it… 

All in all, I believe it is fair to say that Emarsys is not unique in terms of the overall value one can achieve with it, however, it is exceptional in the way it lets you achieve that value. It simplifies marketing operations, while not compromising on the quality of it. Lastly, the features touched upon here are only a fraction of what Emarsys has to offer, but I believe these are not insignificant reasons of why one should consider Emarsys when looking into new martech or how to deliver customer engagement at the same level as the big players.   

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