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Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Many years of experience in master data management
  • Intensive presales phase
  • Intensive workshops with design and coaching for master data managers
  • Trust-based, pragmatic partnership in each project phase
  • Expansion of SAP standard through NTT DATA Business Solutions add-ons

By connecting the PLM system to it.mds, we can automate the maintenance of up to 98% of the material master fields by applying over 2,500 business rules, 40 profiles and SAP classification.

Marco Halbmann, Master Data Management, IM Process Solutions,

Employees: 2,400

Turnover: MEUR 339

WITTENSTEIN has been delivering innovation and constant progress for over 65 years. The former producer of sewing machines, now manufactures innovative high-precision planetary gearboxes and drive systems, used in companies across a wide range of industries.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Switching from the legacy system to SAP ERP
  • Extremely tedious master data creation in the standard system
  • Complex requirements of the departments
  • Need for promt transfer of ongoing changes to the master data
  • Frequent corrections due to insufficient data quality


  • Central management of material master records
  • Direct integration in SAP ERP
  • Complete connection of a PLM system from the construction department
  • Consistent data quality thanks to rule-based creation
  • Safeguarding and acceleration of master data processes and organization


  • it.master data simplified (it.mds)

About the Project

Precision and Innovation

WITTENSTEIN has been delivering innovation and constant progress for over 65 years. Having originally started off manufacturing sewing machines, the company now manufactures products such as high-precision planetary gearboxes and drive systems, which are used in companies across a wide range of industries. As part of efforts to optimize production processes to achieve smart manufacturing, the decision was made to replace the existing company software with SAP ERP. NTT DATA Business Solutions was ideal for this task, not only because of the intensive workshops offered and the expertise of the consultants, but also because of the comprehensive portfolio of solutions – with NTT DATA Business Solutions add-on it.mds for master data management in SAP at the top of the list.

Master Data Safeguard Processes

WITTENSTEIN employs a whole range of optimized, automated processes. It was therefore essential to map comprehensive value-adding processes – including the integration of the necessary interfaces – in SAP ERP. Thanks to it.mds, WITTENSTEIN can now map the various standards and requirements for processes and production in a wide range of industries with the aid of a central, universal set of rules. This ensures that master data are maintained correctly and completely in accordance with the applicable requirements. It also allows the comparability of data quality and data consistency.

Simplification through Automation

The individual and user-dependent display of maintenance transactions in it.mds makes it easier for users in the department to handle master data objects, which helps to prevent unintended changes and data errors. The time and effort involved in creating new master data has also been significantly reduced because the Agile PLM system creates new material masters automatically from the construction department via an interface. All other SAP-specific data are completed with the aid of rules, dependencies and workflows in it.mds. This means that the coordination effort and processing time required is significantly reduced every time new material is created.

Flexible Master Data Management

Since it.mds is intuitive to use and easy to configure, WITTENSTEIN can define and modify rules, dependencies and workflows as well as entire business processes itself without any development knowledge. This supports the gradual implementation of SAP ERP worldwide. It also means that WITTENSTEIN can adapt its existing and future master data to its ever-changing production and sales requirements. Thanks to secure, high-quality master data, WITTENSTEIN will be able to continue offering its customers innovative solutions and added value for a long time to come.

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