Industry: Metal and Synthetic Materials Processing
Category: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Managed Cloud


Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • One of the world’s leading complete IT service providers in the field of SAP
  • Professionalism and SAP expertise of the NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants

itelligence* has impressive SAP expertise and high quality standards. We’re a global company with subsidiaries worldwide and extensive industry know-how. The same goes for itelligence*. We can access its services internationally.

Rigobert Kuhrmann, CIO, Armacell GmbH

Armacell is a global innovator in foam technologies and the world leader in the market for flexible technical insulation materials.
The company headquarters is located in Münster, Westphalia, Germany, and is represented by 18 plants in 12 countries. Apart from Armaflex, the leading brand in the field of flexible technical insulation, the company’s approximately 2,300 employees produce thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, fire protection and noise control products, special foams for a multitude of industrial applications and foam cores which are used as composite materials.

Challenges and Benefits


  • High-quality standardized, integrated ERP platform
  • Outsourcing the operation of all of Armacell’s systems to the NTT DATA Business Solutions data processing center


  • Global hosting and application management from one source
  • Three-shift operation ensures 24/7 service
  • landscape receives the best maintenance and is reliably available at any time
  • Reduced costs and increased service quality
  • No investment in hardware/software or security infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring of all hardware and software components
  • New processes can be integrated quickly and in a targeted manner


  • SAP ERP 5.0 implementation including business intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI), it.x-change, and the Solution Manager
  • International roll-out
  • Hosting operations in NTT DATA Business Solutions data processing center

About the Project

In the past, the individual plants had been using different ERP systems. These systems had to be completely replaced by a standardized, integrated ERP platform. Armacell undertook this project with NTT DATA Business Solutions AG because, as one of the world’s leading complete IT service providers in the field of SAP, NTT DATA Business Solutions is also internationally active. The new partners implemented a complex SAP ERP 5.0 system landscape. SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an important foundation in cross-company cooperation. Furthermore, the solution also includes business intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI), it.x-change, and the Solution Manager.

With the support of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, the global roll-out to several countries was a success. The company then chose another NTT DATA Business Solutions service: Armacell outsourced the operation of all of its systems to the NTT DATA Business Solutions data processing center in Bautzen, Germany.

The migration of the SAP landscape to the NTT DATA Business Solutions data processing center took just three months. At the center, 300 SAP users and a 450 GB database are supported by certified SAP global partner hosting for at least 60 months. The entire ERP 5.0 system including SCM, BW, it.x-change and the Solution Manager are operated here. By outsourcing this operation, Armacell is ensuring that the SAP landscape receives the best maintenance and is reliably available at any time.

The experienced NTT DATA Business Solutions administrators provide a 24/7 service over three working shifts. Throughout this service, the NTT DATA Business Solutions specialists apply their extensive expertise in all SAP products and versions. This expertise makes it possible for them to proactively monitor all hardware and software components. They also provide EDI as an additional service using it.x-change.

Armacell is connected with the data processing center via VPN and internationally via VPN and LineCrypt. This method allows all of the company’s branches to access the SAP landscape securely at any time.

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