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Transform to Become an Adaptive and Resilient Mill Enterprise

Drive success through omnichannel engagement, streamlined plant operations, profit-driven supply chains and enabling new sales models.


Manage Sustainability by Shifting to Circular Economy

The change from a linear to a circular economy allow mill companies to take a double role: recycling material and producing recyclable products. With technology and the Industry 4.0, this enables them to reach a true fourth industrial revolution.

Pathway to Customer Centricity

The evolving customer behavior have significant impacts for business-to-business (B2B) sales models. When the end customer’s demand changes, it creates a ripple effect all the way back up to your business. Customer Centricity means understanding the needs of the end consumer, tracking the changes of the behaviors so that businesses can make decisions based on this insight through experience management.

This transformation will star by evolving current routes to the customer into a true digital data exchange to ensure seamless information flow. This will be extended by real-time capabilities and by offering additional but connected communication channels.

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