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CBC Success Case - SAP Commerce Cloud and AWS

CBC Migrates to Cloud with NTT DATA

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Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • CBC chose NTT DATA implement SAP Commerce Cloud due to its expertise in the cloud environment;

When planning the implementation of the SAP Commerce solution, we noted the need to have a partner with expertise in the cloud environment. For that, we had no doubt in choosing NTT DATA, which has been our partner for over 5 years.

Valdecir da Silva IT Manager - CBC Munições


  • Integrate the sales platform of two distinct companies;
  • Design the architecture of the new portal;
  • Migrate quickly, scalably and securely.


  • Added features like CodeDeploy and CodeCommit;
  • Global reach;
  • Integration between distribution centers;
  • Greater control of the operation and monitoring of sales results;
  • Agility in implementation;
  • Scalability.


  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

CBC migrates its infrastructure to the cloud with NTT DATA

Guided by its commitment to contribute to the operations and missions of the Public Security Forces and Brazilian Armed Forces, CBC has a global presence and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of ammunition to NATO countries.

In an increasingly integrated market, tracking technology trends to improve sales strategies is critical. With that in mind, CBC decided to adopt the SAP Commerce Cloud solution for B2B and B2C online sales throughout Brazil. The company also had the need to unite the system of the CBC Munições and Taurus Armamentos stores, two companies that, despite being partners, have distinct distribution centers. To connect these two worlds on an agile and secure platform, NTT DATA proposed a new private cloud hosting architecture, enabling global reach and performance gains.

The deployment process for the cloud environment, with Amazon Web Services, was fully integrated between the NTT DATA and CBC technical staff, providing insights into the use of tools to control the operation lifecycle, such as CodeDeploy and CodeCommit.

Proactive service and team integration made it possible to use new tools that could be employed by the entire team to better control operations and improve the management of the sales process lifecycle. In addition, implementing the AWS service enables the host of multiple IT operations on a single platform at a lower cost.

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