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Boticário Group Success Case - Aero

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Boticário Group chose NTT DATA Business Solutions’ team with proven expertise, certified in SAP solutions and great capacity for innovation, as well as use of best practices recommended by SAP.

The MAP project implemented by NTT DATA Business Solutions was assertive and delivered within the deadline, we were very happy with the work performed.

Marcelo Victor Sachini, Information, Systems Manager, Boticário Group

Employees: + 10.000

With more than 3900 points of sale in Brazil and abroad, Boticário Group is the world’s largest perfumery and cosmetics franchising network.

For 11 years, it has partnered with NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil for SAP consulting projects.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Implement a solution for managing categories at Boticário stores that would suggest the best way for displaying products;
  • Automate the generation of an optimal store layout for more than 3000 stores, in graphical interfaces generated by SAP and VDMAX;
  • Suggest optimal product ranking for assortment at stores and kiosks, based on margin and sales indicators;
  • Generate automated store clusters;
  • Generate cycle (time) analysis for the performance of categories and store clusters;
  • Handle millions of transactions in MAP stores.


  • Generation of integrated webservices;
  • Significant increase in quality for store layout and assortment, now based on criteria such as region, sales indicators, margin, product ranking, among others;
  • 1% to 3% increased sales at pilot stores;
  • Improved productivity and assertiveness for assortment generation, based on retail indicators;
  • Time reduction by automating layout generation in a graphical tool (VDMAX);
  • Increased productivity in data extraction and building new cubes with retail information from several sources, now centralized in MAP.


  • The project developed by the NTT DATA Business Solutions Consulting Services and Boticário Group, was the first project in Brazil to go into production with MAP (Merchandise & Assortment Planning), exceeding customer expectations by delivering a 5-month project with SAP methodology. The project was the First implementation of store clustering with SAP ACS tool and enabled the assessment of pilot stores with roll-out for all chain stores.

Boticário Group: Assortment and Category Management in a retail platform

When Boticário Group decided to boost its store management performance, it chose to implement a solution with NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil!

Boticário Group offers comprehensive beauty solutions and delights consumers for 37 years. One of the business units at Boticário Group is the company O Boticário, the world’s largest perfumery and cosmetics franchising network.

The MAP – Merchandising & Assortment Planning – project brought a new management perspective for merchandise ranking and assortment at the point of sale to over 3,000 stores. Partner since the implementation of the R/3 system and with several success stories in projects, NTT DATA Business Solutions, with its highly-qualified team for Retail projects and expertise in MAP, was selected as a success factor.

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