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Endless Capacity for Development with a Cloud Innovation Platform

Digital business innovation in an SAP environment without worrying about technology or budget


SAP Cloud Platform as a Service

SAP Cloud Platform is an intelligent innovation platform for companies wishing to work strategically with business development and obtain added value from their core processes.

SAP Cloud Platform is a platform-as-a-service-solution and adds an agile innovation environment with amazing computer power to the existing SAP infrastructure. The platform offers a wide range of ’plug ’n play’ tools for the development of intelligent IT applications which digitalize, optimize and mobilize core processes everywhere in the business.

SAP Cloud Platform has no limitations in regard to technique or hardware. The platform gives direct access to a development environment without need for previous investments in hardware, software, operations or maintenance.

As the Cloud Innovation Platform integrates completely with the rest of your SAP landscape, the platform ensures optimal interaction and automatic updates covering the entire IT-landscape.

Utilizing PaaS on the SAP Cloud Platform enables you to connect with the business world.

A Way to Avoid Expensive, Tailor-Made Solutions

New technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data are going to transform the digital reality for companies. But how do you transform the core processes and massive amounts of data into digital business innovation, which gives black numbers on the bottom line?

Using standard software and effective front-end tools, a Cloud Innovation Platform makes it cheaper and more flexible to tailor functionality to unique business needs and processes.

Whether you use tools for mobile solutions, machine learning, IoT or big data business analytics, SAP Cloud Platform offers an innovative universe for building new applications for your company’s SAP landscape.

In short: Cloud Innovation Platform ensures the capacity, the flexibility, the speed and the tools you need to transform your business digitally.

Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • Your business development has come to a halt and it is expensive, heavy and complicated to move on
  • Technological barriers and limitation in capacity stand in the way of your digital business innovation
  • You lack good standard tools in order to adopt mobile solutions, artificial intelligence or IoT in your business
  • You lack good standard tools in order to develop and optimize business processes
  • It is critical for your business that the digital innovation is anchored in the SAP landscape

SAP Cloud Platform: How Can We Support You?

NTT DATA Business Solutions has more than 25 years’ of experience implementing SAP. Furthermore, we develop new products continuously, which support an efficient and optimal use of SAP. This is why we have a deep and wide knowledge of the SAP Cloud Platform and how it interacts with the other SAP systems.

When it comes to business development using intelligent digital solutions on Cloud Innovation Platform, NTT DATA Business Solutions covers everything from A to Z. As experts and full service providers, we offer everything from design and project management on the SAP Cloud Platform to help with the implementation and operation.

How Our Customers Benefit from Us


By using Managed Cloud Services, the company receives rapid IT support from the IT experts who are responsible for managing and monitoring the IT infrastructure. The Application Management Services also enable the company to manage and operate its IT applications efficiently.

Banner Image Success Story Rubix GmbH
Rubix GmbH – A Future-Proof and Secure System Environment with Private Cloud Solutions

Rubix attaches great importance to quality service processes, provided by its strategic partner, long-term companion and IT service provider in one: NTT DATA Business Solutions AG.

Shepherd Material Science Company
The Shepherd Material Science Company

NTT DATA Business Solutions is honored to continue to work with The Shepherd Material Science Company as we continue to work toward new successes.

Image BENTELER Automotive
BENTELER Automotive

Read how BENTELER Automotive made with scalable services and jointly planned project coordination their processes ready to go with SAP New GL for the future conversion to SAP S/4HANA.

Image Patrizia SE
Patrizia SE

Thanks to the managed cloud services of NTT DATA Business Solutions, Patrizia now benefits from a secure system environment, high-performance business processes and additional relief for IT.

IMC Group Success Case – AWS

The IMC Group – International Meal Company – is one of the largest out-of-home food companies in Brazil, also operating in Panama, Colombia and the United States.

ARRI Group

With the SAP S/4HANA implementation by NTT DATA Business Solutions, ARRI not only streamlined processes, but also accelerated data analysis and modernized SAP applications. Thanks to NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Managed Cloud Services, ARRI can rely on maximum security within the IT infrastructure.

Image LOVOO GmbH

By implementing SAP S/4HANA Finance and opting for the NTT DATA Business Solutions Managed Cloud Services, Lovoo is prepared for SAP S/4HANA in the future and benefits from increased performance, real-time processed data, freed up capacity and a lot more.

Zinpro success story banner

Zinpro wanted an ERP that would grow as its own operations expanded, and knew their current platform was not robust enough to provide that infrastructure.

DENIOS AG – SAP S/4HANA Conversion

A smooth move onto SAP S/4HANA via a system conversion with the help of NTT DATA Business Solutions experts. Topped off with securely hosted systems at the NTT DATA Business Solutions data centers and Application Management Services for high-performing business processes in all 12 countries.

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