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Reinvent and Continuously Optimize Your Business with Our Advisory Services

In the fast-moving times of modern economy, companies need a new approach to enable agility and flexible adaptation to a changing environment. Therefore, our Advisory Services are designed to help you create synchronicity between your business needs and technology capabilities to set the stage for sustainable and continuous innovation. Our Advisory Experts provide valuable insights, analyze your situation, and help you plan concrete changes. As a result, you can realize higher levels of strategic value and scale into the future – for a successful transformation to the intelligent enterprise.

Our Advisory Services include:

Develop the Right IT Strategy for Your Business

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we work closely with you to develop an IT strategy centered on your overall business’s needs. Collaboratively we ask: What are your company’s goals and needs and what can your IT landscape do to best support and achieve them? With us, you benefit from an end-to-end IT consulting partner that understands your industry’s processes and knows how to achieve the best results as well as implement these solutions.

There are several key aspects of IT strategy that our Advisory Services focus on:

  • With IT strategies for legacy systems, we develop ways to modernize old structures that are otherwise difficult to handle when it comes to implementing updates and innovations.
  • Our Advisory Experts support you with governing and optimizing your IT applications portfolio to reach future strategic goals.
  • We help you combine the benefits of public and private cloud deployments by collaboratively designing the optimal hybrid cloud infrastructure strategy for your organization’s data & process needs.
  • We facilitate designing or redefining your strategy for IT service management and organization.


Discover the Power of Technology with Digital Transformation

We show you how you can utilize the opportunities of digital transformation instead of being overwhelmed by them. By focusing your innovation efforts on where it makes the most sense for your business case, you are able to formulate a clear and informed vision of how digital technologies will improve your business model or specific business processes. We help you set direction and get started, knowing which capabilities are needed to succeed.

  • To inspire you with ideas and concepts, we provide technology insights and showcase demonstrations of latest technology trends and IT innovations relevant to your project.
  • In close cooperation with you, we develop a digital technology strategy based on which you can steadily build the capabilities that are needed to succeed. Our approach is modular and gives you the flexibility to adapt to new priorities without losing direction.


Successfully Adjust Your SAP with Transition Strategy & Roadmap

We help you discover the value and profitable potential of transitioning your SAP landscape to a state-of-the-art platform – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. For this, we identify and evaluate the different transition options that make sense for your business and formulate actionable roadmaps to execute the best-possible approach.

Our Advisory Services of guiding you to the right transition strategy include:

  • Business case support by analyzing your business requirements
  • Readiness checks of processes, data, and skills
  • Transition path, timeline, and digital roadmap designed by our team of IT consultants and experts in your business area to also be adaptable to your organization’s priorities
  • Target architecture & landscape to set up a best-in-class computing framework

SAP S/4HANA Transition – Comfortable and Easy

Transitioning to SAP S/4HANA Cloud will infuse your business with the transformational power you need for the digital future. Our experts support you no matter which scenario – new implementation, system conversion, or landscape transformation and consolidation – as well as remove complexity and uncertainty in the process. Our modular solution packages cover all the essential components including data migration, testing, training, and change management. The use of proven templates, accelerators, and tools ensures highest quality results with a simple process.

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Unlock Hidden Potential by Process Evaluation & Optimization

High performing end-to-end processes are critical to any successful business. We provide useful insights into existing process performance and help to identify actions to address potential gaps. The outcome are operational efficiency improvements, cost reduction, and profitability enhancements – providing the optimal blueprint for your intelligent enterprise.

  • Analyze your process architecture
  • Define and validate process target metrics and KPIs
  • Design and optimize operational processes
  • Take advantage of AI-based Process Mining Services
  • Identify automation potential

Increase IT Resources with Managed Services Strategy

For the demands on IT and its complexity are constantly rising, managed services are a flexible and resource-efficient option to hand over some of the tasks to an external IT service provider. To retain complete control and leadership over your IT, we support you in developing a detailed strategic concept of your managed services strategy.

  • Risk assessment and business case support: On the basis of market research, we ascertain how to create added value and prevent unnecessary costs.
  • Make vs. buy: The analysis of multi-sourcing strategies enables you to find the best service distribution. What you gain is a high level of flexibility as well as qualitative and commercial advantages.
  • Cloud and platform: Tailored platform strategies and technologies, including hyperscaling for flexible and massively scalable cloud computing, enable you to gain competitive advantages.

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Ensure Great Results with Adoption & Change Management

Transformation projects are often prevented from delivering their true value to the business due to a lack of governance and leadership, insufficient understanding of the impact on the business, non-transparent communication, or failing employee empowerment. Focusing on the activities and outcomes that drive business readiness and successful adoption, our services are dedicated to guiding you through change management and helping you to achieve the desired results from your business investments in SAP. Our approach is built on a pragmatic framework and toolkit – all integrated with our Project Methodology to ensure consistency and quality in delivery.

  • Change Communication
  • Training & Enablement
  • Change Integration
  • Change Leadership

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The Importance of Business Strategy Development

The biggest challenge for companies in the digital age is to develop business strategy capabilities that are in line with the agile development philosophy. Only then business and technology teams can truly work in synchronicity.

Stefan Ellerbrake, Global Field Consulting, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Leverage Our Advisory Services Based on Your Needs

Our IT consulting services at NTT DATA Business Solutions are based on over three decades of experience. We work client-centered, meaning that our goal is enabling you to handle all facets of digital innovation and transformation in your organization successfully.

Our expertise in seven core industries – Chemical industry, Consumer Products, Discrete Industries, Higher Education, Life Sciences, Professional Services, and Wholesale Distribution – helps ensure that your IT strategy leads to business success.


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