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Transform shopping experiences on every channel — and improve sustainability across your value chain — with our cloud retail solutions.


Retail digital transformation

Retailers face new challenges in the way goods are marketed, bought, fulfilled, delivered, and sold in a highly competitive marketplace, but emerging technology innovations are ushering in new opportunities as well. Retailers can leverage technologies, such as cloud, AI, robotics, IoT, and VR/AR, to provide the shopping experiences that delight customers.

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Omnichannel retail: commerce everywhere

From in-store digital displays to online marketplaces and pop-up stores, today’s omnichannel retail eliminates the lines between channels. To compete and thrive, retailers must provide seamless shopping experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Marketing personalisation

Understanding changing trends and unique customer preferences is key to the success of every retail business. Powerful retail analytics can shed light on customers’ current and future needs, helping retailers shape their offerings. Personalised marketing and experiences – based on consent and trust – build customer loyalty and, ultimately, profitability.

Customer convenience

Curbside pickup, “buy online pick up in store” (BOPIS), “scan and go,” and “just walk out” options are here to stay, allowing customers to shop and collect goods conveniently. Micro fulfilment centres and partnerships with last-mile companies, such as Uber and Lyft, offer additional customer-pleasing options – all made possible through smart technologies.

Sustainable shopping

Today’s consumers want to purchase from companies that demonstrate sustainable business behaviour. Fortunately, sustainable business is good business and circular economy principles and zero waste through better planning can make a real difference to the bottom line. Advanced technologies are essential to provide the transparency that is required.

Get started with SAP's cloud solutions for retail

SAP can help you start or enhance your retail digital transformation – no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, you can get started with RISE with SAP for Retail. If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any other vendor – you can enhance your retail capabilities with our industry cloud solutions.


RISE with SAP for Retail

RISE with SAP provides customers with complete business transformation as a service (BTaaS) in a single package. At its core is the SAP S/4HANA Cloud suite, business process intelligence, technology credits, and more. RISE with SAP for Retail also includes solutions for:

  • Merchandise management
  • Customer activity repository
  • Omnichannel e-commerce platform
  • Omnichannel POS software
  • Promotion pricing optimisation

Industry Cloud Solutions

Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, SAP’s industry cloud solutions address specific industry needs for the retail sector. Designed to work with your existing SAP and third-party systems, these specialised cloud applications can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

  • Cloud-based retail solutions
  • Built by SAP and our partners
  • Work with existing systems
  • Extend your current investments

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