Blog Series: Managed Services for RISE with SAP
Evgenia Schütte | december 18, 2023 | 7 min read

MS 4 RISE: Your Partner in Business Transformation

Business transformation leveraging RISE with SAP is a continuous journey of technological and cultural change, demanding various skills and technical know-how. NTT DATA Business Solutions offers Managed Services for RISE with SAP, addressing challenges and providing respective resources, expertise and support. Our flexible service package caters to diverse industry needs, ensuring smooth operations and incident resolution. We empower businesses to embrace change and achieve operational excellence. Specialized services, like Application Support and Service Management, maximize the value of RISE with SAP investments. Continuous improvement and innovation ensure long-term competitiveness.

Change: A journey of continuous learning

Business transformation leveraging RISE with SAP is not a one-time event, but a continuous journey of technological and cultural change. This journey demands a range of different skills from your organization, from technical know-how to strategic thinking. While this can be challenging, it’s also an opportunity to grow your business through digital transformation – which might require enhancing your SAP expert team and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Our solution: Managed Services for RISE with SAP (MS 4 RISE)

As businesses start to utilize Cloud solutions under RISE with SAP, be it Public or Private Cloud Edition, they often face resource constraints or lack the necessary expertise – both technical and functional – to leverage the full potential of fast-changing cloud solutions. This leads to inefficiencies and a hesitance to exploit the opportunities offered by the respective technology package.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is here to support organizations every step of the way. Our MS 4 RISE package embeds Application Management Services for RISE with SAP which are designed to address each and every one of the challenges they face, providing them with the resources, expertise, and support they need to maximize the value of innovative Cloud solutions for their business.

MS 4 RISE at your service: Empowering your RISE with SAP journey

Flexibility is a hallmark of our Managed Services for RISE with SAP (MS 4 RISE), with customizable service models tailored to the unique needs of each industry sector and company size. Whether organizations require additional resources during peak periods and SAP release update cycles or are seeking to deploy new functionalities as needed, we provide the necessary expertise so their business can run smoothly.

As part of MS 4 RISE package, our seasoned service consultants support organizations in resolving incidents and problems to allow businesses to stay focused on their core operations. We also provide customers with effective application and business process system monitoring to ensure a swift response and maximize application performance. By drawing on the expertise of NTT DATA Business Solutions, organizations can embrace challenges and achieve a fully new level of operational excellence throughout the process of change.

Enhanced support of your SAP Cloud solution

As a trusted service provider for more than 10,000 customers around the globe, NTT DATA Business Solutions understands the challenges companies are facing every day to successfully leverage an integrated solution landscape for their business. With these challenges in mind, we provide specialized services within our Managed Services for RISE with SAP offering to fill in the gaps and help you turn obstacles into opportunities. Read on to discover our key service solutions and how they can help your business thrive.

Application support: Let's make RISE with SAP really work for your business

MS 4 RISE Checklist Services
Which services are covered by MS 4 RISE with SAP?

When leveraging RISE with SAP, you need a clear vision in the cloud. Our Application Support package helps you to manage the SAP solution of your choice effectively and hence to unlock the full potential of RISE with SAP. We have listed the most significant day-to-day challenges and our recommended service solutions in this infographic.

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Service management: Do you get the maximum value from RISE with SAP?

Within our integrated MS 4 RISE package, our Service Management is fully committed to maximize the value of your RISE with SAP investment by providing strategic guidance on your SAP Cloud solution. Our Service Delivery Manager will act as your ambassador and interlink SAP and service organization to best fulfil your support and business objectives.


Continuous improvement & innovation: Is your long-term competitive advantage guaranteed?

Targeting cost savings, operational efficiency and improving user and application performance of your cloud solution with our MS 4 RISE package, we help you secure your competitive advantage on the market. On the other side, we keep track of digital transformation and innovative opportunities under RISE with SAP and successfully leverage them to generate tangible value for your organization – today and tomorrow.


Realizing the potential of RISE with SAP

Our MS 4 RISE Services are designed to help mitigate the pitfalls organizations may face if they try to go the journey alone. By drawing on our services, businesses can proactively address issues related to user support, incident resolution, change management, and stay on top of efficiency and innovation.

Our expertise in navigating the complexities of the SAP landscape can help your business to streamline its processes and achieve seamless integration, avoiding the risks of inefficient operation.

There’s no reason to let challenges hinder your growth or operational efficiency. With our help, challenges can be transformed into opportunity. Get in touch today to begin your journey to optimized SAP application management.

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