The Concept for Projects, Agility and Effective Change - PAC


PAC - Project Management, Agile Management & Change Management

The concept is about securing all aspects from the start of the project to an often agile delivery while managing necessary changes of ways of working to seamlessly achieve the targeted ROI.


Certified Deliveries from Start to Completion and Beyond

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers certified services all the way from preparation to realization and deployment to change management (OCM) thus securing that the solution runs as it was intended. We have a backbone of project managers with certifications in frameworks such as PMI, Activate, Scrum and Prosci to traditional waterfall methods that we adapt depending on the profile and needs of the specific assignment.

PAC as a Bundled Service or Stand-alone Services

Our Project Management, Agile Management & Change Management services work seamlessly together end-to-end as a bundled service but can also be ordered separately and executed as stand-alone services with the same individual result.

Managing Projects with Proven Delivery Models

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ experienced project managers can take on projects, agile assignments and change management assignments and bring results in line with proven delivery models and in synergy with the world’s most widely used frameworks PMI, Scrum and Prosci.

Project Management with an Agile Mindset Regardless of the Mission

NTT DATA Business Solutions applies the below four values as an Agile manifesto regardless of project type or mission. This means that while we find value in the in the items on the right, we value the items on the left even more.

  • People and cooperation before processes and technology.
  • Functioning products and results above too extensive documentation.
  • Common objectives with the customer before contract analysis.
  • Promoting necessary changes rather than sticking to the original plan.

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