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Learn about the simple and effective cloud solution that combines business intelligence, predictive analytics, and planning functions.

SAP Analytics Cloud
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Superior Data Management for a Competitive Edge

Companies already produce enormous amounts of data every day and experts expect the annual data growth to increase by around 30 percent in the next years. Consequently, companies are increasingly overwhelmed by the speed and management of these growing, variable data sets in technological, personnel and organizational terms. Thus, the information overload becomes one of the biggest barriers in the digital transformation.

Accordingly, only those companies remain viable in the future that are able to distinguish valuable, relevant data from redundant, outdated data and derive strategically important decisions from the former.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is the simple cloud solution that gives you that competitive edge.

SAP Analytics Cloud Product Overview
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What Does SAP Analyics Cloud Offer?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a data management and analytics solution built on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). Powered by artificial intelligence, it combines business intelligence (BI), advanced analytics, predictive analytics, and business planning in one centralized solution.

SAC builds a central access point to all internal and external company data. This includes data from other SAP solutions, but also from third-party systems like Salesforces or Microsoft Excel. Therefore SAC enables organizations to improve decision making processes based on accurate data analysis and data correlations and provides visualization features, as well as planning and forecasting functions.

Furthermore the SAC can be seamlessly integrated into the on-premises and cloud variants of SAP S/4HANA and can be used in future-oriented hybrid architectures comprising SAP and non-SAP applications.

Three Key Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Discover the main functions of SAP Analytics Cloud – from business intelligence (BI) and planning to advanced analytics.

Business Intelligence (BI)

SAC gathers data from all internal and external company sources. Automated data cleansing and error warning ensure improved data quality. With intuitive, real-time analysis solutions, users can evaluate company-wide data with just a few clicks and present findings in ad-hoc reports using interactive, smart visualization features.

Business Planning

By connecting planning and reporting tools in one central solution, analysis results can feed directly into financial planning processes. Forecasting and machine learning are used to gain insights into the key drivers of business success. Drag-and-drop reporting, automatic dissemination and integrated collaboration features accelerate processes and facilitate sharing within the organization.

Predictive Analytics

Artificial intelligence and embedded machine learning help identify key contributors of performance and uncover hidden outliers and patterns. The innovative technology simulates alternative courses of action to generate forecasts – making truly data-driven decisions quickly and confidently.

Powering Growth and Expansion with SAP Analytics Cloud

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With SAP Analytics Cloud we have full visibility into our business operations with powerful dashboards that are shared across our international operations. With this real-time insight we make informed decisions that drive business results

Nick Redman, Finance Director at Aspen Pumps

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Whether you’re already working with an SAP ERP system ready to take your business to the next level or you’re at the start of your digital transformation – SAP Analytics Cloud makes it easy for small to large organization to gather all business analytics in a single cloud-based platform.

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more sustainable organizations through sap analytics solutions

Building the Fundament for Sustainable Organizations

On the way to a more sustainable future, it is essential for companies to have tools that assist in acting and operating more sustainably. Sustainable analytics solutions, such as the SAP Analytics Cloud, are important supporters.

SAP enables organizations globally to improve their sustainability insight and performance through the Climate 21 initiative. One solution from this initiative is SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics. The aim of this application is to measure, calculate, and visualize the CO2 emission of organizations. Particularly significant is the carbon footprint of individual products along the entire value chain from production over marketing to delivery. For this, the application takes data from as well as third-party sources and analyzes it within SAC.

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benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

All Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud at a Glance

Bringing it all together in one cloud environment. Take a look at the benefits of the solution in detail:

  • Combination of business intelligence, business planning, and advanced analytics
  • Insights into enterprise data from all internal and external sources
  • Fast, reliable decision-making based on accurate, relevant real-time data
  • Smart visualization functions for a clear, interactive display of results
  • Flexible hybrid deployment due to access from any device and location
  • Seamless integration into existing SAP S/4HANA systems
  • Easy, real-time collaboration within the organization
  • Embedded in SAP’s best practices for compliance, security, and data protection

More Insights from Our Analytics Experts

Level Up Your Data Management with SAP Analytics Cloud

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