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EDP Renováveis Success Case - ECG

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Vendor offering a complete tool;
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A thought-provoking and challenging project, which at all times shows us how tools can be used in our favor.

Larissa Castro, EDP Renováveis

Employees: 1,735 (2022).

EDP Renováveis is a world leader in the renewable energy sector. With solid development, first class assets and a market operating capability, EDPR has had an exceptional development in recent years, it is still a leader in 26 international markets: Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Implement as customer customizations in automation


  • Agility and automation in the process
  • Reduction in hours spent manually entering notes into the system, which was previously done
  • Easy provision of tax documents to meet compliance demands and external audits


  • GUEPARDO e-Invoicing – NFSe Inbound, antigo ECG E-FDocs (2022)

EDP Renováveis ​​optimizes the process of receiving and recording Service Invoices with GUEPARDO e-Invoicing

For data autonomy and reliability, the company was looking for fiscal solutions, so that receipt and conference operation invoices and the possibility of errors were verified a solution.

Project Overview

The GUEPARDO e-Invoicing Solution – NFSe Inbound, formerly NTT DATA ECG E-FDocs, was chosen after an assessment of functionality issues by EDPR Business Inbound. It was to implement a tool that would optimize the process of receipt and bookkeeping of notes from precision services, concessionaires, in addition to contributing to the improvement of communication with internal and external customers in compliance with the internal payment policy. The process was time-consuming, manual and repetitive, without digital control of the information, causing low reliability of the imputed data.

Project Details

EDP Renováveis, with the expectation of a substantial increase in the receipt of tax documents for manual processing, a lean team and the need to make these documents available asynchronously to other internal and external teams, found in GUEPARDO e-Invoicing a complete tool, with a friendly interface to the user and cockpit in SAP, with four possibilities of inbound, good cost-benefit ratio, in addition to the creation of customized flows and the possibility of expansion to other models of invoices. The main challenge of this project was to implement customer customizations in the automation, such as: multiple order items for just one NFS-e, invoice attachments in MIRO’s accounting documents, among others.

And, therefore, the commitment of the teams were decisive factors for this project to be considered a success case, the importance of participation of the business areas in the implementation process at all stages of the project, including integrated tests.

Project Evaluation

With GUEPARDO e-Invoicing, EDPR has eliminated manual process, and the user hours process with repetitive and anticipating focus was directional for analyzing the information and not for inserting it into the system. Another relevant point for the team is related to the ease of meeting compliance demands and external audits, no issue availability of tax documents.

EDP ​​Renováveis ​​has in its DNA the commitment to innovation and new technologies, and therefore, it is already studying new implementations of other GUEPARDO modules and automation of previous processes in the NFSe for the near future.

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