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DuPont, Copenhagen, Denmark

BPC Cloud-based training at DuPont

itelligence* assisted us, quickly updating our skills on BPC with a mix of class-room training and hands-on, using their experienced consultants and their cloud-based BPC solution.

*Since April 1, 2021 itelligence operates under the name of NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Robin Cavling, EPM Director, DuPont Denmark


For most of the project participants, the goal was to enhance their knowledge on BPC software, so as to better be able to meet the challenges faced in the new DuPont IT organization, as well as to support increasingly complex business and systems design decisions.

A small part of the team had a different agenda, as they needed to dig a lot deeper into the new software, since it stood to become a crucial part of their new work life. These latter mentioned team members participated in overall design and training as well as hands-on sessions, and one specific team member was entitled ’Trial Supervisor’ and participated at all events.

Results and Benefits

“As a participant in the training sessions only, I have enhanced my BPC skills and can now participate in discussions and design issues concerning BPC”, sounds feedback from a training participant. “I have now gained enough knowledge about the BPC software to continue with an implementation of my own”, states a BPC Trial Supervisor.


The BPC training project at DuPont in Copenhagen was executed as a 30 day BPC trial, where the EPM team members at the former Danish-owned company Danisco received training in the BPC software.

The overall concept included design, training and hands-on sessions, scheduled along the 30 day trial period. A smaller part of the team participated in all sessions, whereas most of the team members attended the training sessions only.

The training sessions were executed as traditional training workshops, where the participants were taken through the BPC software from start to finish. The training exercises were based on DuPont’s own data model, allowing the experience to be as close to reality as possible.

The purpose of the hands-on sessions was two-fold: Most importantly, the purpose was to carry out a pre-determined planning scenario designed by DuPont in order to bring the participants practical knowledge of actually building planning applications in the BPC system. Secondly, the participants were given time to create their own applications in their own time with a BPC ready to step in, where and if needed.

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

DuPont’s EPM Director gives his stamp of approval to the training project and its realization: “At legacy Danisco IT, we have been looking at the BPC offering for some time, and due to recent changes within the company, we wanted to get a better understanding of the tool and its capabilities. Essentially, we wanted to be able to start building BPC solutions ourselves”.

He continues: “We did not believe that sending a few people to classroom training would be the right way forward, since you often forget what you have learnt soon after your training, if you do not start working with the software immediately after.

With itelligence’s* offering, we were able to learn by way of classroom training and by building ourselves in parallel. More importantly, we could carry out all training by using our ’own’ data and dimensions, which makes learning somewhat easier.

Further, we were able to stretch the training over a longer period of time, which was important to us due to the availability of the people involved. Thanks to itelligence*, we managed to upgrade the entire team on BPC – some at a high level, and some to an extent so that they can now start to build solutions”.

*Since April 1, 2021 itelligence operates under the name of NTT DATA Business Solutions.

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