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BIP Holland

Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions offers a fit-to-standard approach that provides a future-proof system
  • SAP Business ByDesign is ideally suited to BIP’s scope and challenges
  • Personal connection between BIP and the experienced experts at NTT DATA Business Solutions

Despite the fact that we are a dynamic organization, we managed to standardize our operations in SAP Business ByDesign, in part due to the involvement and knowledge of NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Tim Vermeulen, Operations Manager, BIP Holland bv

BIP develops, produces and distributes creative products and packaging materials for healthy snacks, candy and chocolate. For its products, the company uses some of the most recognizable licensed characters in the world, including Disney’s and Nickelodeon’s. Retailers including Albert Heijn and Jumbo and distributors such as Lekkerland purchase BIP’s products. The Dutch branch of the organization has a staff of thirty employees. BIP also has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain. Production takes place at various locations across Europe and China.

Challenges and Benefits


  • BIP was working in an outdated ERP that only offered limited functionalities
  • The company wanted an easy way to exchange EDI messages with its partners
  • BIP was looking for a system with which to consolidate data from its international logistical and commercial locations
  • Paper processes and archives had to be digitized
  • Improved and more detailed insight into royalty processes


  • The warehouse management systems (WMS) of international logistics service providers are integrated with SAP
  • Orders, packing slips and invoices are easily exchanged in a streamlined manner via EDI
  • The company archive has been fully digitized
  • BIP will eventually have well-organized approval flows for invoices and purchase and sale orders
  • BIP’s complex constructions for royalty and discount percentages have been made insightful and manageable
  • Fifty-percent reduction of the FTEs needed in the administrative and account support departments


  • SAP Business ByDesign
Dynamic Organization BIP Standardizes it's Operations in SAP Business ByDesign

Streamlined inventory management and order fulfillment: that is what we delivered to BIP by implementing SAP Business ByDesign. We connected this system to the warehouse management systems of their logistic providers. Learn from their journey in this success story.


Dynamic Organization BIP Standardizes it’s Operations in SAP Business ByDesign

For the past fifteen years, BIP has been using a local ERP system. Over time, this system had become outdated. “It did not offer enough functionalities to satisfy our wishes,” says Tim Vermeulen, Operations Manager at BIP. “For example, we wanted to automate as much of our communication as possible with electronic data interchange (EDI). Furthermore, we wanted to consolidate the data from all branches – including our international locations – in a single system. Our new ERP system therefore also had to offer professional multilingualism.”

A future-proof and standardized system

In 2018, BIP began the search for a new and futureproof ERP system and an integration partner. At the recommendation of a friendly organization who had had excellent experiences with SAP Business ByDesign, BIP included the system in its research and selection process. During that process, BIP came into contact with NTT DATA Business Solutions. The two organizations immediately hit it off, Vermeulen says. “The team was well prepared, the right people were involved and we saw eye to eye during our meetings. We were both focused on working in a standardized manner and NTT DATA Business Solutions was quickly able to gain a thorough understanding of our processes.”

Saving time and eliminating errors with integrations and workflows

After some careful preparation, BIP finally adopted SAP Business ByDesign in December of 2019. Initially, there were only six key users. Nowadays, seventy percent of the organization’s employees use SAP. Vermeulen explains the changes this has resulted in: “For starters, we set up all purchasing and sales processes for our Dutch, Spanish and French head offices in SAP. To facilitate our logistical processes, we have integrated SAP with the warehouse management systems (WMS) of our local logistics service providers. That saves a lot of time and has resulted in a marked improvement in terms of the accuracy of our inventory management and order processing.

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