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Ganjar | April 25, 2022

The Right Time to Benefit from S/4HANA


Moving to S/4HANA seems like a huge leap to take for your business’ future. When making such decision, you are required to think the many possibilities of what it does for your company. Aside from that, you might also consider the timing of such transition, so as to adjust your business needs. With that being said, here are some things to keep in mind as you consider moving to S/4HANA. 

Why Move To S/4HANA?

The transformation to S/4HANA has enabled many businesses to benefit the real innovation – giving the advantage to redesign business processes with next-generation operations and integrating IoT and machine learning that will power your business growth. Not only you can have one digital platform for all your processes, you can also get real-time analytics with the latest user experience interface across any type of device with SAP Fiori. With its hundreds of new features throughout the many modules integrated within the ERP, you will be investing on a technology that will grow and adapt with you.

When Should You Move To S/4HANA?

As ECC will be out of date by 2027, businesses should start planning their migration as soon as possible. Because based on our experience, for a medium sized company, it takes several months of preparation and up to a year for implementation and further improvements.

Postponing your migration will also give you higher risk as there will be more data to be migrated, and consequently takes a longer time and will definitely be more expensive. Aside from that, with many companies globally starting their migration to S/4HANA, or as we call it the migration wave, there’s a chance that there will be a shortage of skilled consultants. Our advice is to start now and make sure you have access to the appropriate skills you need.

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