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Jan Ammann | May 7, 2019

Reach Your Digitized Procurement Peak with SAP Ariba Snap

For small and mid-sized enterprises, relationships with suppliers can be difficult to maintain without a standardized procurement operation that runs quickly and simply from start to finish. NTT DATA Business Solutions provides enterprises with a solution to ensure a smooth transition to digitized procurement. In this series of blog posts, we’re addressing the challenges of traditional procurement and how to overcome them with SAP Ariba Snap.

Obtaining new products and services can be a challenge for SMEs. In the age of a digital economy, it’s more important than ever that enterprises understand the value of effective procurement. With a large number of people and phases involved, the cycle is complicated and often long-winded.

The All-in-One Package for Digitized Procurement

SAP Ariba Snap bundles numerous procurement features into a single solution. It is a pre-packaged and pre-configured source-to­-pay (S2P) application that includes decades of SAP Ariba best practices. As a result, companies can quickly connect with potential trade partners in the world’s largest open business network. The out-of-the-box functionality of SAP Ariba Snap enables you to eliminate time-consuming processes such as evaluating suppliers, requesting quotes, and contract management. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Automated Processes Deliver Speed and Simplicity

Being able to manage procurement from start to finish quickly and efficiently is key to success in a competitive market. However, manual tasks can eat up valuable internal resources – time being the most vital. The procurement cycle, as mentioned, involves numerous companies and lots of documentation for cash flow, compliance, and controlling, for example. SAP Ariba Snap streamlines this by digitizing these aspects of the procurement process and the associated documents. This helps you pave the way to becoming a paperless company – granting you that competitive edge by relieving the burden on internal resources. What’s more, SAP Ariba Snap automates several other steps in the procurement process, i.e. purchase requisition, approvals, ordering, receiving, and invoicing. Visibility over budget is improved, which helps to ensure the best deal for your business.

Transitioning to Digital Transactions

When it comes to purchasing, SAP Ariba Snap offers the user an opportunity to accelerate the buying process. By making the switch to digital transactions, you create what are known as touchless processes between the buyer and supplier. This means that the need for human intervention is minimal – helping your transactions and your daily business run smoothly. In addition, you avoid delayed payments, which can negatively impact revenue or business relationships as touchless transactions mitigate input errors.

To compliment touchless processes and ensure you stay on top of cashflow, dashboard analytics / reports are available from day one by supplier, spend category, purchase order, and more. SAP Ariba Snap provides you with a central overview and helps you take control of your spending, enabling you to always work within budget.

Sourcing Suppliers and Building a Rapport

Being on good terms with suppliers and having transparency is vital for building successful business partnerships. If a supplier doesn’t fully understand the type of product that your business demands, it’s unlikely that they will be able to provide the right item or part. This can range from material type to technical specifications. Suppliers should also be able to accommodate you, even as your situation changes or as challenges arise. For example, if you need a specific item before the agreed deadline, or if you require a cheaper option, suppliers should be able to adjust the order accordingly.

The SAP Ariba Guided Buying and SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog features allow the user to enjoy a familiar consumer experience, similar to online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon – where vendors are given star ratings, ensuring compliance and reliability. What’s more, end users do not require training and can get started right away thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly design.

Learn how user-friendly designed SAP Ariba Snap helps SMEs to digitize their procurement processes and control their spending.

The global business network of SAP Ariba allows SMEs to effectively source suppliers, no matter the industry. The solution for digitized procurement is easy to deploy, adopt, and administer. And in doing so, from day one, you’ll have access to the same platform that the Fortune 500 companies use and a cloud-based market place with over 10 million items available. You also have the opportunity to set up preferred suppliers as a buying channel and integrate suppliers directly into your system.

Enterprise-Wide Benefits

How SAP Ariba Snap aids different departments:

  • Procurement: Streamlined procurement operation by eliminating cost- and time-consuming processes.
  • End user: Consumer-friendly and simplified requisitioning and buying for end-users.
  • Accounts Payable/Finance: Improved visibility for Finance/AP over reports, cashflow, payment terms, and budget analysis.
  • IT: Digital transformation is undertaken by adopting a cloud solution.
  • Suppliers: Automated transactions via the SAP Ariba Network enhance customer engagement.


Go-live in less than

12 weeks

Out of the Box, into the Market, and Beyond

Manage buying from beginning to end with speed and simplicity, boost cash flow, and ensure compliance with a powerful tool that is packaged and priced to fit your business. SAP Ariba Snap is deployable within 12 weeks and grants the user access to a cloud-based marketplace of local and global suppliers from day one.

Your Partner for Digital Transformation

Having worked alongside businesses for thirty years, we’re dedicated to providing effective digital strategies and platforms for growth. We offer support through every phase, from road-mapping and consultation, to implementation and support services. Get in touch today to set your strategy for the digital age with NTT DATA Business Solutions.


Jan Ammann, Global Head of Public Cloud Solutions (SaaS), NTT DATA Business Solutions AG
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Barnali Chaliha, Director – Ariba Practice & Delivery, NTT DATA Business Solutions India Software Solutions Ltd.
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