Become a Smart Business with the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things not only improves the efficiency of your company processes but also affects all partners in your value chain


With Our Expertise the Internet of Things Brings Real Value to Your Business

Endless amounts of data are available in real-time today, whether from machines, objects, customers, or suppliers. Precisely this fact is the key to success for many industries. Completely new possibilities emerge not only in manufacturing but also in logistics, development, and the service industry.

For us it is not only important to implement technology but to help you design your individual digital transformation strategy and identify and develop your own individual use case. Your Internet of Things (IoT) projects need to bring value to your business. For this reason, we have participated actively in excellence initiatives for more than five years and have built close partnerships with think tanks, universities, and research organizations.

These initiatives give rise to software prototypes and market-ready solutions. Furthermore, NTT DATA Business Solutions is a pioneer in developing IoT in-house solutions which are already benefiting the first companies.

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We Develop Clear IoT Use Case Scenarios in the Context of Pilot Projects that We Successfully Convert into Market-ready IoT Solutions.

IoT Service Use Case Scenarios

As IoT evolves, manufacturing companies are increasingly developing into service providers. They finally have more data available for their own products and their customers and can therefore offer a new type of service. It begins with predictive maintenance: We provide all the tools that enable you to monitor the status of your facilities and machines in real-time. This includes recognizing potential failures in advance and being able to support your customers with predictive maintenance.

IoT Connected Logistics Use Case Scenarios

Connected logistics enables you to connect all logistics processes so that the material flow runs completely automatically – both internally and externally. Real-time tracking of products plays a central role. Each connected system recognizes the exact location of every part. This information enables route optimization as well as manufacturing optimization.

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IoT Production Use Case Scenarios

More processes than ever are becoming automated, manufacturing facilities operate themselves, mass customization is possible at the price of mass production. This requires business IT and manufacturing systems to be seamlessly integrated. We lay the foundations of digital transformation for you by integrating SAP Cloud Platform or other suitable solutions into your IT landscape to pave the way for smart manufacturing.

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Scenario 1: Real-Time Tracking of Products in Manufacturing and Logistics

We show you how you can optimize logistics and production processes with the help of sensors. In addition to controlling production processes and route optimization, the innovative sensor technology eases the burden on workers and optimizes buffering.

Scenario 2: Connect Machines and Business with SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) collects, tracks, and traces equipment information in a central repository. The network provides a completely new form of plant management while it connects equipment in an ecosystem of operators, producers (OEM) and service partners, and enables cooperation across borders and around the world.

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Scenario 3: Visual Picking and Voice-Directed Technology in Warehouse Processes

We support you during the order picking stage with conventional barcode and RFID scanner connection as well as voice-directed warehousing and visual picking technology. Printed picking lists are replaced by headsets or smart glasses that display the products to be packed. Even the packaging process can be automated with NTT DATA Business Solutions solutions using RFID.

Augmented reality glasses enable process optimization and a higher level of productivity in the warehouse. Instead of working with handheld scanners, workers can work hands-free during order picking by using speech or gestures to access information.

Scenario 4: Optimization of a High-Bay Warehouse with the Digital Twin

In this IoT scenario, Wolfgang Möller, Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things, explains the concept of a digital twin and how it can be used to optimize a high-bay warehouse.

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Scenario 5: Easier Maintenance for Service

Wolfgang Möller, Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things, explains how mixed reality brings benefits to your business. The scenario built on the Microsoft HoloLens makes the life of your service technicians easier, reduces time spent on site, and brings agility as well as flexibility. This scenario has been developed together with the service organization of one of our customers.

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People as a Part of the Transformation Story

For a successful Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, you need people who think outside the box and collaborate across department silos. This is why our experts are not only focusing on technology but on the people in your organization.

Wolfgang Möller, Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

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Enter Whole New Dimensions with Our IoT and Mixed Reality Scenario

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The Internet of Things: How We Can Support You

We start at whatever stage suits you, and together we complete your journey to become a smart business. Our offers differ based on whether you want to view your company as a whole or focus on specific areas, and whether the approach should be focused on innovation or optimization. IoT projects with NTT DATA Business Solutions do not require huge initial investments or big bang migrations. You can start small, test scenarios, and pursue advantageous ones. A clear focus on the highest level of IT security and added value for your business is a top priority for us. We support you from the outset.

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