Digital Transformation: Future-Proof Your Enterprise

Digitization is already presenting real challenges for businesses. Find out what you need to develop a successful digital transformation strategy.


Seize the Opportunities of Digitization

As more and more businesses get involved with digitization, it is now essential to have a well-planned digital transformation strategy. Enterprises that do not act quickly to develop innovative business models and a comprehensive IoT strategy will fall behind the competition. From manufacturers selling connected products with value-added services to retailers providing seamless omnichannel experiences, companies need to focus on providing outstanding experiences to each and every customer.

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we empower you to turn the threats into opportunities. We help you excel in the service economy by facilitating your transition from standard products and services to outcome-based business models.

80% of leading companies say digital transformation has increased profitability.

Source: SAP and Oxford Economics

What is Digital Transformation?

Digitization: How to Find the Right Strategy for Your Enterprise

Digital transformation is not a future issue: It is presenting real challenges for businesses every day. In this expert paper, Klaus-Christoph Müller discusses changing business models, the opportunities of disruption, and how businesses can make the best start to their digitization strategy.

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Putting the Internet of Things into Practice: Our IoT showcases

From smart factory to connected logistics, our consultants help your business to develop and implement a wide variety of IoT scenarios. Whether you need advice on how to digitize your business processes or technical implementation support, NTT DATA Business Solutions helps you to discover the potential of the Internet of Things with real showcases.

Analysis: What is your Digital Maturity Level ?

Our Digital Maturity Level Check is the starting point for your individual digital transformation. NTT DATA Business Solutions’ IoT experts developed a brief check of up to 9 steps for you. It helps you to get a quick understanding of your organization’s digital maturity level and of where you are starting from. The short assessment considers your business model, products and services as well as your processes. The abstract you receive afterwards gives you essential input to identify your organization’s strengths, priorities and weak points, and to define your digital vision

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Take an Active Approach to Digital Transformation

Companies cannot afford to simply ride out digitization; they have to play an active part in it. We can help you do this by developing smart processes, enabling you to capitalize on the Internet of Things and big data.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director – Global Business Solutions, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Leverage Our IoT Expertise to Transform Your Business

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digitization and that any IoT project needs to bring tangible benefits. That’s why our dedicated IoT consultants work with you to develop tailored business cases and company-specific scenarios. Our experience in a diverse range of industries, our technological expertise, and our close collaboration with SAP enable us to offer you the right solutions.

How We Support Your Digital Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Since sensor technology is relatively affordable, the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing an increasingly important role of any digital strategy. We can help you seamlessly connect devices, business partners, and customers.

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The Basis for Your Digital Transformation: Platform as a Service

In the digital age, you need to be able to roll out new applications and processes as quickly as possible and fully integrate them into your IT landscape. Platform as a service and SAP Cloud Platform provide you with the key.

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User Support and UX Design

Digitization demands new skills. To facilitate a smooth digital transformation, our consultants help you integrate users, intuitive interfaces, automated processes, mobile apps, customer journeys, interaction points, and more.

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Convert Data into Insights

Sensor Integration and the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing a proliferation of data. This is why Big Data and analytics provide an important cornerstone in your digital transformation strategy. With innovative analytics solutions, you can convert masses of untapped structured and unstructured data into valuable business insights.

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Start Your Digital Transformation with Design Thinking

Design thinking workshops are the ideal way to begin your enterprise’s digital journey. This interdisciplinary approach combines the skills and knowledge of all areas of your business, enabling you to creatively rethink your processes and develop innovative business models. For more information, watch our roundtable discussion on design thinking or contact us to arrange a workshop.

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