Industry: Consumer Products (food)

Arnott’s Integration Migration to SAP BTP​

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Strategic executive engagement
  • Intimate understanding of corporate and commercial objectives
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience delivering thought leadership and project accelerators for SAP BTP

“What started as an initiative to mitigate SAP PO/PI technical debt and address the cost of on-premise integration environment has revolutionized how Arnott’s manage connectivity today. Through this project we have streamlined our connectivity removing unnecessary steps and systems. The intuitive platform has empowered our functional team to be more autonomous in managing connectivity and with the foundational 'plumbing' between systems in CPI, we can now rapidly deploy other solutions on the BTP platform. SAP provided the tools, and Arnott’s and NTT seamlessly brought it together encompassing project coordination, technical expertise, and architecture”

Jari Laurikinen IT Director, Enterprise Applications

Industry:  Manufacturing

Products: Foods

Employees: About 4000 (2023)

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia


Challenges and Benefits


  • Expensive and complex on-premise integration solution
  • IT – dependent
  • Low flexibility


  • Simplified and low cost solution
  • Cloud integration
  • IT – enablement
  • True agility


  • SAP BTP Multi tenant SaaS advisory​
  • Integration Suite setup and configuration​
  • DevOps Setup​
  • Setting up Security & Connectivity between SAP BTP, On-premise systems & internet​
  • Governance – Development & Migration Governance to ensure quality​

About the Project

Pillars of Success 

The three pillars of success, for Arnott’s to adopt their new transformation enablement platform.

  1. SAP Business Technology Platform​
  2. NTT DATA SAP Foundation SmartPlay
  3. Arnott’s Agile Program Management

SAP Business Technology Platform​

SAP Integration Suite is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that helps you quickly integrate ​on-premise and cloud-based processes, services, applications, events, and data.​​

The platform helps accelerate innovation, automate more processes, and realise a faster time to value. ​​

SAP designed SAP BTP Integration Suite in a way that it can be used by citizen developers directly. ​​

With a wide array of features like integration assessment, cloud integration, open connectors, API management, event mesh, integration advisor, trading partner management, the SAP BTP Integration suite helps businesses differentiate with integration capabilities that enable them to automate processes and connect with customers and business partners faster. ​

NTT DATA SAP Foundation SmartPlay

As a first step on the project, NTT DATA implemented the SAP BTP Foundation SmartPlay including the below key components​:

  • SAP BTP Multi tenant SaaS advisory​
  • Integration Suite setup and configuration​
  • DevOps Setup​
  • Setting up Security & Connectivity between SAP BTP, On-premise systems & internet​
  • Governance – Development & Migration Governance to ensure quality​

Based on the foundation implemented, all of Arnott’s SAP integrations (120+) were migrated to the SAP BTP Integration Suite​

NTT DATA Business Solutions also setup and evaluated the usage of SAP Trading Partner Management for EDI integration as part of the Foundation SmartPlay.​

Arnott’s Agile Program Management​

The project was delivered via a ‘True Agile’ methodology across 10 Sprints of 2 weeks each.​

Arnott’s brought a mature ownership model & a well defined program structure, with well defined scrum roles. The two teams involved, followed the scrum methodology to ensure maximum value in each sprint.​

While Sprint 1 established the NTT DATA Foundation SmartPlay, the remaining 9 Sprints had ‘n’ number of new builds, ‘n’ number of user acceptance testing and ‘n’ number of go-lives , running simultaneously at different stages of the project​

With go-lives in every sprint, learnings from these go-Lives were incorporated in all future sprints. This improved the overall quality of deliverables for Arnott’s substantially.


  • Happy Customers – Arnott’s went ‘live’ with their chosen integrations with zero to minimal post go-live issues reported​
  • Triple Constraints – Project balanced scope, cost and time to maintain a high-quality final product​
  • Enabled Users – The project has provided more power & more direct control to the non-technical end users and business users at Arnott’s via error monitoring, schedule monitoring and basic troubleshooting​
  • Scale Up – Arnott’s is now actively expanding the usage of SAP BTP within their organization for other areas. 100+ new integrations being automated in the areas of Trade Promotion Management, Demand Management & Snowflake are using the platform and services implemented by the project

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