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Turn rough ideas into tangible outcomes: With your co-innovation partners at NTT DATA Business Solutions you quickly develop innovations that fit your company. Whether you just started – or have a clear vision in your mind already.


Create Value Through Digital Innovation

We believe it’s not about using new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation or the Internet of Things just because it is the latest trend. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we focus on solving real problems. We work closely with you and identify innovative ways to make your business more profitable, more competitive, or more customer-centric. Together, we integrate new technologies into your SAP or IT infrastructure to create added value.

Innovation to the Point.

Co-innovating with NTT DATA Business Solutions means actually getting it done. Our approach transfers first ideas into sustainable results to help you reach your full potential. Quickly, affordably and based on vast experiences.

At the end, you’ll have a service or solution that actually creates value. To ensure that, we don’t just think outside the box. We also think inside the box. That means: We connect innovative technologies with your tried and tested processes and enterprise IT.

Wherever You Stand: Start Right Now

You've got a concrete challenge to solve? Or just a vague idea to realize? No matter your starting point: We're here to get right on it. Our business and technology experts help you define your individual roadmap to innovation. And take action immediately.
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A Modular Co-Innovation Approach Based on Your Needs

You want to innovate. But do you know where to start?

When it comes to innovation, there is no standard path to take or a one-size-fits-all solution. There isn’t even a clear starting point for everyone. That’s why we have developed a modular and iterative approach – to provide guidance.

Think of it a compass. As innovation partner at your side, we determine your current standpoint and then map out how you can reach your innovation goals. To ensure the project is a success, we use a specific set of tools and methods and combine them in an individual way to suit your unique needs.

Whether you’re in need of inspiration or want to develop new processes or even business models – we are there for you.

Innovation Management: A Guided Path That Fits You

Inspire: Explore Your Challenges and Opportunities

If you’re faced with an imminent challenge and are looking for the best way to solve it – we’re here to show you the path. And if you already have an idea in your mind, we will help you evaluate it. Are your goals realistic and do they make sense in your situation? Together, we examine your company’s strengths, its technological capabilities and digital maturity level to find the perfect starting point for your individual innovation roadmap.


Goals and outcomes:

We define the goals and outcomes of all steps together. In the end, you might get a refreshing spark of inspiration to follow up on. Or a comprehensive plan for your innovation journey. Depending on the task we use a variety of creative methods and tools to jointly develop ideas. For example, if you want to future-proof your business and IT strategy, we suggest concrete steps to incorporate evolving trends into your company’s core processes. Whatever the recommendations you’ll get from us look like: They are always based on a proactive monitoring of upcoming technological trends. Depending on your case we might also evaluate the technologies available to you and do a concise competition analysis supported by benchmarks and best practices. If beneficial, we also combine methods like Design Thinking to generate and validate ideas that create value for you.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Design Thinking and agile workshops
  • Online and on-site innovation events
  • Speeches and 1 on 1 expert sessions
  • Inspiration and clear insights into innovation possibilities

Involve: Get the Right People Engaged

Innovation is not just about technology. It’s in fact much more about the people who will use it every day. To make innovation a success, it’s critical to get your people on board and fully engaged. We help you do that. Instead of providing innovation as a finished product, we develop and implement it together with your team. From the get-go we bring in the operational lines of business to discuss and validate everything in order to ensure adoption.


Goals and outcomes:

Engaging people is a highly individual task. Sometimes, all it takes is bringing lines of business and IT department closer together. In other cases, you might first want to develop a common understanding of your innovation projects’ scope and expectations as well as its constraints. We’ll choose the right set of tools that fit your requirements, mainly based on agile methods and with a clear focus on the needs of your users and/or customers.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Usability checks
  • Knowledge transfer sessions
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Scrum/agile methods
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Functional prototyping
  • Change management
  • Definition of a digital mission tailored to your company

Implement: Laying the Foundation

Implementing innovation needs to be agile and cost-effective. With regard to the challenges you are facing we choose between a variety of different tools and methods to accelerate and ensure your implementation – with a strong focus on pragmatic realization strategies. For example, we help you identify potential roadblocks or constraints, define an adaptable innovation approach and a corresponding roadmap quickly. We plan short-term and long-term rollout activities early on, focused to your company’s situation and based on decades of experience.


Goals and outcomes:

We make sure your innovation project can be scaled across all your departments and business units – if necessary, around the globe. And if they aren’t already, we ensure your employees are always up to speed and remain fully engaged.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Guided procedures
  • Best practices
  • Accelerators
  • International rollout expertise
  • Change management
  • Pilots and proof of concepts

Integrate: Blend Innovation Into Your Landscape

To really make a difference, innovative technologies must not be isolated from the rest of your IT processes and systems. If not done already, we embed them in your existing landscape and even in those of your partners, suppliers, and customers. We use the tools and methods needed to ensure you gain maximum value from the data already available in your company. We avoid and unlock information silos and enable you to constantly adapt to evolving technologies and the opportunities they create.


Goals and outcomes:

There is no predefined innovation solution: Everything we develop for and with you is tailored to your needs to fit right into your existing landscape.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Demo and test systems
  • DevOps support
  • Migration and architecture consulting
  • Technical proof of concepts
  • Innovation roadmap and technology consulting
  • Technology and software evaluation

Every innovation project is a story of its own. Take advantage of groundbreaking technology and find unique ways to make your business more profitable.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director Innovation Technologies

Our International Innovation Incubators

As an innovation partner we combine our knowledge of business challenges and technology trends, and realize co-innovation projects together with our customers. The groundwork is done in our innovation incubators around the world: Here we create proof of concepts, test them in real-life business situations and finally turn them into new products and services.

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2021 – new ideas, new chances, new plans: how to ensure your business is future proof in times of disruption and ever-changing circumstances? How to define the first step towards digital transformation of you company?

Attend our webinar series “Innovation Tuesday” to learn more about innovative technologies, the Intelligent Enterprise, Customer Experience (CX), SAP S/4HANA and cloud-based technologies – get inspired!


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Every innovation project is a story of its own. Co-innovate with NTT DATA Business Solutions and write yours now!

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