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NTT DATA Business Solutions | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins

Comparing SAP Data Archiving vs Selective Data Migration approach for a S/4HANA Conversion

Optimize your SAP ERP to S/4 HANA transition with efficient strategies like SAP Data Archiving and Selective Data Migration. Learn the differences and find the best fit for your conversion.


SAP Data Archiving and Selective Data Migration are two common strategies used during the SAP ERP system transition to the S/4 HANA platform. Both offer data volume optimization while retaining configurations and customizations. In this article, we have compared the differences between these two approaches and their suitability for a S/4 HANA conversion.

SAP Data Archiving Approach:

SAP Data Archiving is the method to remove older data consistently from the active SAP ERP database. It facilitates the identification, selection, and removal of outdated or less frequently accessed data from production systems and allows it to be stored externally on less expensive media for access as required in the future. Newer data that requires frequent access is retained on the faster storage media in SAP.

By archiving historical data before S/4HANA conversion, the volume of data being migrated for S/4HANA is minimised, and downtime is reduced during the S/4HANA conversion process. This helps streamline the migration effort and minimises the risk of data inconsistencies or migration errors.

Selective Data Migration Approach

Selective Data Migration is the method of moving a subset of SAP ERP data into the S/4HANA system according to the pre-defined selection criteria and leaving non-selected data behind, for example, data belonging to obsolete organizational units. It also can be used to organize the target system landscape and merge or split systems according to business requirements. This is often the case as organizations set up regional systems and/or split the landscape into different divisions.

Selective Data Migration usually forms a part of the S/HANA conversion process, which can deliver significant value via the single-step cutover and minimise business disruption.



SAP Data Archiving and Selective Data Migration are both workable strategies for S/4HANA conversion. Understanding their differences is crucial for making informed decisions based on your organization’s goals and challenges. SAP Data Archiving is ideal for organizations seeking to stage S/4HANA conversion into two phases, while Selective Data Migration is suitable for those undergoing fast digital transformation or reorganizing the SAP landscape. By choosing the right strategy, you can ensure seamless transformation in a data-driven landscape and minimize the impact to the business.