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Embedded Analytics: How to successfully implement the best-kept secret in your S/4HANA Public Cloud ERP

Discover the power of S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics with our comprehensive guide, leveraging SAP Activate methodology for seamless implementation. Transform your business with real-time insights, predefined apps, user-friendly tools, and API integration, ensuring competitive advantage in today’s data-driven market.

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In today’s digital landscape, data is the lifeblood of any organization. As such, enabling Embedded Analytics into your S/4HANA Public Cloud strategy is a critical step in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) journey – in fact, it’s one of the key value propositions of this ERP.

S/4HANA Cloud’s Embedded Analytics provides robust, modern tools that weave real-time analytics into transactional processes, empowering businesses to make swift, accurate decisions. It equips users with predefined analytical apps, user-friendly tools for analytics extensibility, and APIs for advanced analytics solutions.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the core of Embedded Analytics, exploring its key features and capabilities.

We’ll also outline the approach and essential steps for enabling Embedded Analytics capabilities using the SAP Activate methodology.

Failing to understand the philosophy behind Embedded Analytics and the right approach to implementing this key capability could be the difference between realising one of the key value propositions of your S/4HANA Public Cloud investment and not!

So, buckle up as we embark on a data-driven journey that promises clarity, agility, and a competitive edge.

Unleashing the Potential of S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics

As we dive deeper into the world of Cloud Embedded Analytics, let’s uncover its key features and capabilities.

Real-Time Analytics: With S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics, batch processing becomes a thing of the past. It offers real-time analytics, providing access to the latest data, thereby facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Predefined Analytical Apps: It boasts a suite of predefined analytical apps catering to various business functions, from finance to sales, procurement to manufacturing. These apps offer instant insights, aiding in the effective monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs).

User-Friendly Tools for Business and Power Users: For those who wish to customise their analytics, S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics provides no-code key user tools for business users and advanced tools to create their own CDS views for Power users.  These tools empower users to extend analytics without the need for extensive coding knowledge, making analytics accessible to all.

APIs for Advanced Analytics: For advanced analytical needs, S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics offers APIs that can be used to integrate with other advanced analytics solutions. This ensures that your analytics capabilities can grow with your business needs.

Analytics-driven transaction processing: One of the standout features of S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics is its seamless integration with transactional processes. This means that analytics is not a separate process but is embedded within your daily operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

SAP Activate methodology for implementing Embedded Analytics in a S/4HANA Public Cloud project.

What is SAP Activate?

The SAP Activate Methodology, a cutting-edge project implementation approach, is designed to facilitate the deployment and delivery of SAP innovations and solutions. Drawing from Agile principles, it employs an iterative process to continually enhance delivery, thereby elevating project quality and success.

SAP Activate stands out as a distinctive methodology that amalgamates SAP Best Practices, methodology, content, and tools, thereby expediting the deployment of SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud implementation. It offers comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management, accelerating the initial implementation of SAP S/4HANA. This unique blend of elements makes SAP Activate an essential tool for successful SAP implementations.

Enabling Embedded Analytics in S/4HANA Public Cloud Project Using SAP Activate Methodology

SAP Activate methodology is a powerful tool for implementing Embedded Analytics in your business. It offers ready-to-use content and cloud readiness, allowing for a smoother and faster implementation of Embedded Analytics. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions in real-time, enhancing their agility and competitiveness in the market.

Discover Phase

The Discover phase is all about understanding the functionality of SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud and how the solution can bring benefits to the business. The key steps in the discovery phase are:

Discovery Assessment: Document and capture the project scope through the SAP Digital Discovery to generate a scoping report. This provides clear visibility and insight into the currently available capabilities of S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Application Value and Scoping: Create a strategic roadmap that serves as a key input into the customer business case. Address any showstoppers or roadblocks that could affect the implementation strategy.

Prepare Phase

Customer Team Self-Enablement: This step involves the customer team familiarizing themselves with the various elements of the SAP system and SAP Activate methodology through self-paced enablement materials. Given the shorter time frame of SAP Public Cloud projects, it’s crucial to start this self-enablement before the project kick-off to maximize learning time and create efficiencies in subsequent deliverables.

Fit-to-Standard Analysis Preparation: Prepare and distribute a template to capture notes for analytics during the fit-to-standard workshops. Review the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics – One Pagers accelerators to understand the solution’s analytical capabilities.

Develop the Analytics Approach and Plan: Ensure the alignment of the customer analytics journey approach and planning. Review the SAP Activate Analytics Strategy accelerator.

Explore Phase

Review Fiori Apps Reference Library and Process Scenario: Review the applications in the My Fiori Apps Reference Library for all applicable SAP Embedded Analytics app offerings for your project deployment with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Fit-to-Standard Analysis:  In the realm of S/4HANA Public Cloud Analytics, two key steps are executed. Initially, the project team conducts a demonstration of the standard analytical applications pertinent to each scope item. This demonstration acts as a guided tour, acquainting stakeholders with the applications’ functionalities. It also helps in pinpointing and documenting any required customizations or extensions.

Following this, a Fit-to-Standard Analysis is carried out. This process involves hosting specialized workshops designed to capture specific requirements. These workshops revolve around standard analytical applications, with the main goal being to delve deep into the applications’ functionality and use cases. This in-depth exploration assists in identifying any potential mismatches or extensions needed to adapt the applications to the organization’s unique needs.

Determine Details for Customer-Driven Analytics and Extension of Reports: Determine all details on the customer-driven analytics and any extensions to the report(s). Document and validate any custom requirements beyond the standard embedded analytics.

Review and Customer Sign-off for Analytics: Review the details of analytics and sign off for the realise phase.

Realise Phase

Sprint planning and execution: Plan sprints iteratively and close upon completion of solution delivery.

Configure embedded analytics in the dev and test system: Configure Embedded Analytics according to the signed-off requirements.

 Verify Embedded Analytics in the Production System: Verify the analytics in the Production system according to the previously signed-off requirements for a successful run.

Run Phase

Review Reports for Release Updates: Review the reports for any product release enhancements and/or changes as they relate to standard and custom reports. Verify the reports are running as expected or if there are any areas of the reports which need to be updated or modified accordingly.

Taking the Next Step with NTT Data Business Solutions

In conclusion, S/4HANA Public Cloud Embedded Analytics is a powerful tool that can revolutionize your business operations. It offers real-time analytics, predefined analytical apps, no-code key user tools, APIs for advanced analytics, and seamless integration with transactional processes. By leveraging the SAP Activate methodology, you can efficiently implement these features, enabling your business to make data-driven decisions in real time and gain a competitive edge in the market.

At NTT Data Business Solutions, we are committed to helping businesses navigate their S/4HANA Public Cloud journey and unlock the full potential of Embedded Analytics. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. Let’s embark on this data-driven adventure together and propel your business to new heights.