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NTT DATA Business Solutions | September 10, 2020

3 Reasons to Work With the Japanese Based Global IT Provider NTT DATA

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With 123,000 employees in more than 50 countries, NTT DATA is one of the leading vendors of business and IT solutions, and a strong partner for NTT DATA Business Solutions. The company is based in Japan, but it already has a majority of its service professionals spread all over the globe. Gard Little, Vice President Global Services Markets and Trends at IDC Research, covers NTT DATA’s strategy to expand global digital offerings and to deliver value to clients based on regional needs. In his “IDC Perspectives” review he points out the potential he sees in NTT DATA’s global approach and gives an idea on why it pays-off working with a Japanese based global IT provider.


Reason 1: Corporate Culture

“NTT DATA’s culture is a hybrid of Japanese and Western elements. From Japan, the emphasis is on long-term perspective, trust (which is operationalized by prioritizing promises made above profit), and an obsession with quality. From the West, the emphasis is on entrepreneurial spirit, business outcomes, and business innovation. […] Much of NTT DATA’s growth outside of Japan has come from acquisitions over the past several years (e.g., everis in Spain and the former Dell Services in the United States). And culture plays an important role not only in evaluating goodness of fit beforehand but also in how the acquired organization operates post-acquisition. [Thus,…] NTT DATA emphasizes long-term relationships built on trust and its obligation to make social contributions. Putting the client first is a core value, and when necessary, this supersedes any element of its corporate strategy.”


Reason 2: Corporate Stretegy

“The major thrusts are expanding its global digital offerings, delivering greater value based on regional needs, and unleashing its employees’ potential to maximize its strengths. NTT DATA is also driving collaboration with major parts of the larger NTT Group. […] About one year ago, NTT DATA set up a digital strategy office focusing on eight areas to strengthen its capabilities and built out these global digital solutions. Besides finance/insurance, the other areas are healthcare, retail, automation, information utilization, disruptive technologies, telecommunications/media, and automotive. Logically, all the industry-related focus areas mirror NTT DATA’s traditional global industry focus areas for providing business and IT services; these include automotive, banking, insurance, healthcare, telecoms/media, and retail. The areas of automation, information utilization, and disruptive technologies are cross-industry and have yielded offerings in intelligent automation, cognitive contact centers (using virtual agents to supplement service desk personnel), and blockchain.”


Reason 3: Ecosystemic Relationships

“Not surprising given its history as a systems integrator, NTT DATA operates in many different ecosystems. It has key relationships with application platform players such as SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow and infrastructure players such as Dell (including VMware), AWS, Google, and Microsoft. […] The larger NTT Group is also key to its ecosystem thinking. But NTT DATA remains product agnostic, providing the best combination of products and services to meet client needs — an example of putting the client relationship first above all others.”


Source: 2020, Little, Gard: NTT DATA – What Buyers Need to Know About Its Ambitions Outside Japan

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