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Business is Changing at a Lightning Pace

These days, all stakeholders (including customers, employees, and shareholders) expect to be able to access “always-on” information at any moment. There are unprecedented pressures for businesses to perform, and speed, agility and access to data and correct information are critical to avoid getting left behind.

In the digital business landscape, 41% of business revenues will be driven by digital products by 2020; 65% of businesses believe legacy systems are no longer a fit; and 80% of businesses believe that not modernizing IT will hurt their growth.  Enterprise Intelligence can increase business agility to improve speed to market decision making.

Democratising Data Can Be Difficult

Democratising Data Can Be Difficult

Until fairly recently, making all varieties of internal and external data available to an increasing range of information workers has been a frustrating process. But now there are businesses who are leveraging data to outperform their competitors, something that can only be achieved if technology aligns with business objectives (which often, in an established business, it doesn’t).

The way forward, to leverage your data to “change the game”, can seem unclear.  Data virtualization enables the democratisation of data that are siloed across all enterprise systems, regardless of data format, location, or latency.  This approach enables businesses to deliver integrated information in real time to the applications used by business users. Data virtualization provides a centralized secure layer to catalog, search, discover, and govern the unified data and its relationships.

Harness Technology to Achieve a Competitive Edge

Harness Technology to Achieve a Competitive Edge

Having the right information at your fingertips can make all the difference in a competitive environment.

Time is precious, now more than ever in the race to satisfy all your stakeholders and gain an advantage over your competitors.  Whether you’re in marketing, sales, manufacturing, customer service, operations or other business unit, big data and advanced analytics enables you to accelerate and re-imagine your business processes for the digital economy.

Advanced analytics is a broad categorisation covering techniques from statistics, data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning to find meaning from massive amounts of data.  Advanced analytics techniques is used to produce insights that traditional business intelligence approaches are unlikely to discover.

Forrester Research

Information-driven organisations are more productive with predictive analytics delivering a 30% reduction in safety issues and a 97% reduction in report creation.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP Analytics – Cost Savings and Business Benefits

NTT DATA has the know-how

The spectrum of data-savvy employees in organisations of all sizes is growing. Having intuitive access to both internal and external data to drive business insights is becoming imperative. Where others see big challenges, we see possibilities in democratising big data. That’s why we’re the NewTech Thinkers who are never satisfied with ‘good enough’. We always seek the intelligent choice that is future-ready.  Delivering relevant, timely and tailored-to-user-needs information that is mobile and highly interactive.

We are highly strategic in our approach to analytics which is why we are big fans of how various analytics solutions, combined with our IP, handles Big Data and Advanced Analytics. We give our clients the key to unlock unprecedented insights and value in their data by bridging the gap between human and machine intelligence to help increase productivity and drive business success.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Services at NTT DATA

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap Services

NTT DATA Business Solutions support you from start to finish with your analytics strategy. Beginning with an initial review of your current analytics capabilities, we identify areas where improvements can be made. We then go on to road mapping and planning your strategy based on your future needs.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers create strategies that are understandable by both technical and business stakeholders and above all, executable – not epic volumes of writing that gather dust on a table top.

Information Management and Business Intelligence Services

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have a proud history of being 1st in the area of SAP Analytics and increasingly non-SAP analytics.

Our consultants are not only highly technically skilled but also able to engage business users to understand their needs and convey a vision of what can be achieved in simple terms. We are constantly upskilling as a practice to deliver modern data platforms utilising SAP technologies including BW/4HANA, HANA and S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and cloud based data virtualisation technology like Denodo, and DWaaS Snowflake coupled with Matillion.

On the front end, our BI consultants understand the art of functional and attractive dashboards and are able to deliver utilising Tableau, MS Power BI and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Technical Architecture, Upgrades and Migration

NTT DATA Business Solutions is committed to designing and delivering technical architectures and platforms to drive success for our customers. Our Modern Data Platform reference architecture is constantly refined as technology trends and offerings in the analytics domain evolve.

Furthermore, our consultants are here to seamlessly guide you through upgrades and migrations and ensure you are able to optimise your existing investment. We can help you develop a successful data and analytics platform, whether that be on premise, in the cloud, as a hybrid, or with a hyper-scale cloud provider.

Innovating with Advanced Analytics

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are now within reach of many organizations. Such disruptive innovation can bring a level of automation, electronic monitoring, and sensor-enabled insight that was once inconceivable.

We  offer a number of services from strategy creation and design thinking to proof of concept and project delivery, to help rapidly introduce Advanced Analytics projects founded on emerging innovation and technologies like Dataiku, SAS, Neo4j.

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