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Smart Government and Public Sector Solutions

Digital Transformation Initiatives are Driving Smart Government Solutions

Driven by the government’s vision of a Smart Nation and the Digital Government initiative, the public sector is undergoing a digital revolution, exploring bleeding-edge solutions in AI, analytics and digital innovations.

As with all sectors undergoing digital change, there is a desire for solutions which provide optimum, agile services to those they serve, while also ensuring effective record-keeping, security compliance and the ability to predict and react to situations quickly and effectively through the use of data.

Data Accessibility and Consolidation

Inadequate systems are holding back data accessibility

With the amount of data being collected and the increasing scrutiny on privacy, the public sector needs solutions to manage data and make sense of it quickly.

The challenge for most departments is having old systems which fail to communicate and share information which could have otherwise been used to generate insights.

Data consolidation brings deeper insights and opportunities

Departments and agencies need to simplify and automate the process of consolidating data from disparate systems for analysis to gain deeper and more valuable insights on citizens, as well as government departments.

Integrated systems allow for deeper insights and the collection of even more information that can then be used to understand the needs of the public, design solutions that benefit citizens, and keep information safe, secure and accessible only by those who are authorised to access it.

How does NTT DATA support the public sector and government?

NTT DATA consults with the public sector on various areas including Data Warehouse, Data Management, Big Data, Data Visualization, Data Virtualization and Advanced Analytics.

We take a product-agnostic approach to solving data and analytical challenges to ensure the successful deployment of solutions that meet the unique needs of our public sector and government clients.

Services NTT DATA Offers for Smart Solutions

Data Management for Public Sector & Government

Data Management

Data management helps you to optimise the use of your data within the bounds of policy and regulation. Effective data management gives you the ability to collect, keep, manage, and use data as a valuable resource, securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Big Data for Public Sector & Government

Big Data

Big Data solutions take your structured and unstructured data and enable you to analyse, systematically extract information from and deal with massive datasets that would have otherwise been too large, fast and complex to process using traditional methods. Big Data insight allows organisations to make more informed decisions.

Data Virtualisation for Public Sector & Government

Data Virtualisation

Data virtualisation creates a logical data layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across the disparate systems. Allowing you to manages the unified data for centralized security and governance, and delivers it to business users in real time.

Data Visualisation for Public Sector & Government

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation solutions cut noise from your data to bring you the most useful information, including trends, outliers and patterns in the data that can make your big data and analytics easier to interpret and utilise.

Natural Language Processing for Public Sector & Government

Natural Language Processing

Also known as NLP, Natural Language Processing is a field within Artificial Intelligence that allows machines to read, understand and derive meaning from human languages. The applications for this are many, from identifying sentiments, detecting and predicting fraud, to uncovering a propensity to certain diseases.

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