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Thomas Verakso Nielsen | June 13, 2022

BusinessObjects isn’t dying – it’s evolving

Many will be happy to hear that BusinessObjects is not being phased out – but be prepared for a difference.

SAP BusinessObjects is like an old friend to many companies and organizations dependent on its Business Intelligence offerings. But times change, particularly in the IT world. Until recently, users had been preparing replacement strategies due to the proposed phasing out of priority one support in the near future. Now, it appears, the phase-out will not be happening. So, what will this mean for everyone who is yet to adopt another Business Intelligence platform?

Let’s take a look at what we do know about what is being called for the moment SAP BusinessObjects BI 2024.

According to the released executive summary of what we can expect, the new version will be available both on-premises and through the managed cloud. The platform will focus on web intelligence, single-source .unx universes, Crystal Report Classics, and SAP Analysis for both Microsoft Office and the Business Intelligence Platform. We also know that the renowned dashboard will be removed, but the popular push reports will remain.

If yours is one of the organizations yet to adopt a new Business Intelligence platform, and you’re still not sure about adopting an alternative, the new version gives you some more time to explore. But the reality is that it seems inevitable that the reprieve for on-premises users will be limited, as subscription cloud-based platforms grow.

Whatever your BI needs, Thomas Verakso Nielsen, Principal Expert, BI Analytics at NTT DATA believes it’s still a good time to start asking serious questions:

“Change isn’t always easy, and it does require serious thought. We all get used to systems we’ve used for a long time. The new version seems both interesting and promising, but let’s see what happens. While it might suit some to stay with what they know – albeit different –it might be the right time for others to rip off the Band-Aid and move forward. Either way, some degree of adaption will be necessary”.

“To those organizations, I would suggest that you assess what you need from a platform. Ask questions. Make inquiries. We’re here to support you. There  are alternatives out there, but remember that BusinessObjects isn’t dying – it’s evolving.”




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