SAP TechEd 2019: SAP Cloud Platform Rolls Out New Services

SAP TechEd 2019: SAP Cloud Platform Rolls Out New Services

SAP has launched a new line of cloud services and the IT industry can’t seem to get enough of it. Cloud services are at the forefront of the IT tech world, and SAP implementation services have always been one of the greatest innovators in the game. In the last TechEd event, they announced upgrades to their cloud services terming it as a new era of ‘intelligent enterprise’. The new software is not only aimed at increasing the efficiency of the user but also increasing the digital valuation of the process.

What is new?

At TechEd 2019, SAP announced two primary features which are going to be made available to their cloud services. The first one is the integration of machine learning functions into their cloud services. This development will mostly serve as a content advisor device, while also providing general machine learning enterprise solutions. The addition of machine learning to SAP consulting services is aimed to provide broader visibility towards the user, enabling better control of their resources.

The other big addition to SAP’s high-tech repertoire is the integration of automation services. Automation, of course, has been the talk of the IT town and SAP being one of leaders of the innovative technology adapted to it quite soon. The automation service which will now be provided by SAP is known as the ‘Cloud Platform Open Connector’ service. The Open Connector has the ability to integrate SAP cloud services onto various applications which are not developed by or meant for use with SAP services.

The use of the SAP Cloud Platform Open Connector service provides a user with the ability to integrate all their applications into one singular SAP cloud platform. This functionality was not available with any other cloud service provider prior to this, as most of their cloud systems could integrate only into parts of an entire IT mechanism, which led to the requirement of multiple platforms. Software such as SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, etc., which are some of the most used IT software, can now be integrated with lot more apps. This news, particularly, had the IT industry in tears of joy as SAP solutions have always been considered amongst the best, and now they include more application integration.

What does this mean for the industry?

The primary effect which these upgrades are going to have on the industry will be seen in the shape of user flexibility. SAP plans to bring home a range of new users, and, in turn, long-time customers by ensuring that their technology is usable for more number of platforms. Acceleration of business applications have always been the central goal of SAP solutions and the integration of automation services and machine learning is aimed to take business applications to the next level of technological innovation, alongside adding to the SAP security as well.

SAP is also planning to announce about additions to their software solutions in the TechEd 2019.

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