Plot your course to keep your competitive edge.

Your business needs a smarter, more flexible way to respond to changes in technology, in your industry and in your business. We can help you create a dynamic technology roadmap designed to help you pivot and adapt quickly.

Transformation based on large-scale projects is inherently flawed.

Flexibility is more important than ever for businesses operating in the digital economy. That’s why traditional methods based on implementing large-scale technology projects no longer work.

Today’s challenges demand smaller projects that can spin up fast, with the flexibility to adapt to new priorities. When business conditions change, your business has the ability to pivot and refocus.

It's Time for a New Digital Strategy

The rate of change for business and technology has been explosive, and it’s only going to get faster. Letting your competitors get there first means they’re better able to pivot when opportunities arise. They start doing things months ahead of everyone else – and that leaves your business vulnerable.

To keep up with the unrelenting pace of change, your business needs to invest in digital technologies so you can get information to employees faster, streamline or adapt operations, and enable your workforce to achieve more with less effort.

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Change Your Approach. Not Your Priorities.

NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants with deep industry knowledge and SAP technical expertise work with your business to get a full understanding of your challenges, threats and opportunities. This analysis is used to identify your best opportunities to benefit the business, and a preliminary roadmap is created and prioritized to address the most urgent needs first.

How Mature is Your Business?

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers an Industry Insight Discovery workshop that is designed to stack-rank your business against peers in the industry. Based on this analysis, we provide recommendations for your business to address gaps and get your business on the technology curve. Output from the analysis includes:

  • Presentation of your strategic roadmap
  • KPI identification and solution benchmarking
  • Positioning your business for optimization through leveraging SAP solutions

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What Drives Value for your Industry?


  • Improve cycle time for new contract creation
  • Improve on-time delivery performance
  • Increase revenue growth with better product personalization
  • Reduce days to close annual books
  • Reduce onboarding time for field sales representatives
  • Reduce order fulfillment lead time
  • Reduce time to create a configured quote
  • Reduce time to market for new products
  • Reduce time to steady-state production volume
  • Reduce transportation planning cycle time


  • Improve environmental safety and compliance
  • Improve product traceability
  • Increase % of projects on time, budget and scope
  • Reduce audit cost
  • Reduce financial exposure risk
  • Reduce non-compliant external workforce spend
  • Reduce non-compliant services spend
  • Reduce risk of quality non-compliance


  • Improve days payable outstanding
  • Improve demand forecast accuracy
  • Improve HR reporting and analytics capability
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Improve sourcing savings on direct spend
  • Improve sourcing savings on indirect spend
  • Increase financial forecast accuracy
  • Increase first-time resolution rate by field service technicians
  • Increase profit with product personalization
  • Increase revenue from new products/services
  • Reduce commission overpayments
  • Reduce days in inventory
  • Reduce days sales outstanding
  • Reduce EH&S penalties and fines
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Reduce revenue loss due to fulfillment issues
  • Reduce revenue loss due to stock-outs
  • Reduce revenue lost due to poor contract management
  • Reduce rework cost
  • Reduce services invoice errors
  • Reduce unplanned downtime or outages


  • Increase revenue from cross-sell/up-sell
  • Increase sales forecast accuracy
  • Increase service contract renewals
  • Increase service revenue from new business models
  • Reduce accounts receivable management cost
  • Reduce asset maintenance cost
  • Reduce customer billing, credit & collections cost
  • Reduce data integration cost
  • Reduce engineering change cost
  • Reduce field service administration cost
  • Reduce finance cost
  • Reduce G/L and financial closing cost
  • Reduce inventory carrying cost
  • Reduce manufacturing overheads cost
  • Reduce overall supply chain planning cost
  • Reduce product compliance cost
  • Reduce project management cost
  • Reduce scrap cost
  • Reduce service and support cost
  • Reduce service contract administration cost
  • Reduce time to fill
  • Reduce total logistics cost
  • Reduce total manufacturing cost
  • Reduce transportation spend
  • Reduce treasury and cash management cost
  • Reduce warehouse management cost


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve social collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Improve targeting of training
  • Improve time to full productivity of new hires
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce customer churn

Let's build your roadmap, together.

Our Industry Solution Principals bring unique insights into the processes and requirements of your industry. We understand the dependencies, limitations and opportunities of todays’ and tomorrow’s technologies, and will bring the best of SAP’s industry innovations to add value for your business.

Together, we’ll build a roadmap designed to help you tackle your most urgent business challenges, with the flexibility to reprioritize as business conditions evolve.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us know when you’re ready to explore building a dynamic roadmap tailored for your business.

We’ll take a deeper dive and build the best roadmap for your business, together.

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