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Cloud Concierge Starter Edition

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers an introductory range of services to complement your RISE with SAP solution and address your technology stack, Cloud Concierge Starter Edition. We have the people and resources to help you succeed and navigate support in a RISE environment.

Cloud Concierge Starter Edition
About Cloud Concierge Starter Edition

Get More Out of RISE with SAP

If you live and breathe data, then RISE with SAP is your single source of truth. This managed cloud offering delivers real-time insights and advanced technologies to help you manage and grow your business. Specifically, RISE with SAP gives you the ability to combine a cloud ERP with analytics, process automation, enhanced cybersecurity and more. It is a wide-reaching bundle of software, tools and services delivered in a single subscription.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to ensure that you have application management and maintenance support to get the most out of this offering and maximize uptime. While SAP delivers standard tasks and technical management services, your IT team or a partner will need to cover some cloud application services specific to your needs. That’s where Cloud Concierge Starter Edition comes in. This introductory range of services complements your RISE with SAP solution and helps address your technology stack without being overwhelming.

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Scope of Services Cloud Concierge Lite

Scope of Services

Here’s what Cloud Concierge Starter Edition includes:

  • Technical coordination/account management with SAP
  • Review and recommend individual system parameters
  • Recommendations on SAP kernel and support packs
  • Support general performance/error analysis of the system
  • Support of the client’s connection to SAP
  • Testing Services for upgrade/change management (optional)
Upgrade Services

You Can Increase Your Level of Services Later, If Needed

Over time, you may discover it’s beneficial to add additional support to your full technology stack to add things like additional Basis services, security services, cloud advisory and management for adjacent non-RISE applications, and more. When that day comes, you can easily expand to the full version of Cloud Concierge Standard Edition.

No matter what, our Managed Services team is here to provide the right level of support that makes sense for your business.

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