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The Power of IT as a Service

Our ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) solutions speed up your digital transformation by streamlining your IT services, helping your end users at any time of the day or night, whatever their location.

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IT Service Management (ITSM)

Benefit from a Strategic Approach to IT

IT service management or ITSM is the way IT teams manage the delivery of their services to customers. It includes all the processes and activities needed to design, create, deliver and support IT – delivered as a service to the end-user.

A good ITSM solution will provide scalable workflows to manage and deliver IT services to your users through a single cloud-based platform.

This strategic approach to IT leads to benefits for all, including increased productivity, lower costs, and improved end-user satisfaction.

ITSM Core Features

Improved Customer Service

Virtual assistants allow you to automate support for common requests powered by natural language processing (NLP). More human conversations make for better customer experiences.

IT Services in One Place

Consolidate existing IT services to a single system of action in the cloud.

More Productive Agents

Automate routine tasks using machine learning and virtual agents to get more done.

Improved Visibility

Improve your visibility across the whole of your IT managed services with built-in dashboards and analytics. Benefit from real-time, actionable information to improve service quality.

Connect with Mobile

Empower employees to find answers themselves and work remotely with our mobile application.

Incident Management

ITSM incident-management handles the entire process to restore service to customers as quickly as possible. Prioritize incidents and service requests according to business impact and allow staff to focus their efforts where they can be most effective.

Contain Problems

Streamline incident investigations, from detection to eradication including proactive problem analysis. Remove defects from the IT infrastructure, eliminate recurring incidents, and stabilize the environment.

Manage Change

Minimize risk and error when you track scheduled and planned infrastructure changes, including process management and planning capabilities. Reap the benefits of a consistent and controlled approach.

Service-Level Management

Track service-level commitments with customers and from vendors, so management can pinpoint weaknesses and take corrective action.

Manage Requests

Keep on top of service requests – reset passwords, install new workstations or update personal data. Request management helps ensure that important requests are always being followed up.

Workflow & Talent

Support your business objectives by correctly positioning the most talented employees to provide the best possible service.

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Solution Brief
ServiceNow seamlessly automates and optimises enterprise operations.

Imagine a platform that not only revolutionizes the way work is done but transforms it into a seamless flow of digital operations. ServiceNow is that platform—a comprehensive cloud solution that propels businesses into the future by simplifying the complex.


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