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Develop a deeper understanding of customers and engage with them intelligently


Empower your Marketing Team with SAP Marketing Cloud

Traditional marketing campaigns often fall short when trying to engage individual customers. They blast blanket messages to the masses that lack a basic knowledge of customers’ unique wants and needs.  But today’s customers want more.  They expect a personalized experience that presents the right product at the right time in their buying cycle.

SAP Marketing Cloud enables marketing professionals to develop a deeper understanding of customers by gathering and analyzing information on past interactions (historical transactions), anticipated behaviors (propensity scores leveraging predictive analytics) and present motivations and intent (in-the-moment context and behavior).

Empower your business to understand its customers and engage with them intelligently, nudging them towards purchase rather than distracting them with irrelevant information.  SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to deliver personalized experiences in real-time, increasing conversion rates and earning your customers’ loyalty.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Customer Profiling: Create dynamic customer profiles using data pulled from both online and offline sources: browsing history, social media, in-store purchase data and customer service calls.
  • Segmentation and Campaign Management: High-performance segmentation tools allow you to react to the customer’s context in real-time to make sure your communications are always targeted and relevant.
  • Commerce Marketing: Offer a personalized shopping experience to encourage your customers to move from browsing to buying.
  • Loyalty Management: Turn customers into loyal advocates by rewarding them, whether making a purchase or writing a review.
  • Marketing Resource Management: Effective management of marketing activities to make sure they’re on track, on budget and working towards a common business objective.
  • Marketing Analytics: Use real-time insights on performance to optimize your marketing campaigns and gain the knowledge that will help you seize new opportunities.
  • Marketing Lead Management: Nurture and generate leads for handoff to sales along with the insights needed to successfully close the deal.
  • Customer Attribution: Discover which marketing activities are making an impact on your customers and driving them to purchase, renew or otherwise engage.

Create a Single, Unified Customer View

Reach out to every customer in the perfect momCreate a Single, Unified Customer Viewent. Get real-time insights to quickly develop custom omni-channel experiences. Treat customers as individuals.

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