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SAP Ariba Snap: Digital Procurement and Supplier Management – the Cloud-Based B2B Marketplace

Supplier selection, contract design, purchasing: get standardized and cost-efficient processes with SAP Ariba Snap.

SAP Ariba Snap: THE Procurement Software for the Mid-Market

In this globalized, digitalized economy, cost pressure is ramping up exponentially – especially for SMEs. Procurement is increasingly becoming the determining factor in generating higher margins and boosting companies’ competitiveness. What used to be simply a matter of procuring the right components is increasingly turning into a need to cultivate lasting business relationships.

Become Part of the World’s Largest Supplier Marketplace

Over 2.5 million participating companies make SAP Ariba the largest digital marketplace for contacting suppliers. It allows users to manage their procurement processes in a fully digitalized and centralized way. SAP has expanded the Ariba portfolio with the addition of SAP Ariba Snap to allow SMEs to benefit from the supplier network as well. The solution is geared toward companies that want to make their procurement processes – from purchasing through to invoicing – more efficient.

Digitize Procurement Out-of-the-Box with SAP Ariba Snap

Procurement Software for SMEs – Ready to Go in a Snap
Procurement Software for SMEs – Ready to Go in a Snap

Learn more about the top five benefits, SAP Ariba Snap offers for SMEs, allowing them to manage suppliers and control costs in a snap.

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USD 500,000

This is how much you can save with SAP Ariba Snap for contracts worth USD 50 million.

How Well-Designed Are Your Buying and Procurement Processes?

  • Do your procurement processes already benefit from centralized management?
  • Are your suppliers seamlessly integrated into your procurement process?
  • Are you fully utilizing the efficiency and cost benefits of digital channels?
  • Do you negotiate with suppliers on the basis of reliable comparisons?
  • Do you have tight controls and standardized processes?

If you answered ‘no’ to one of these questions, the SAP Ariba Snap solution is worth a look. The B2B platform for SMEs will allow you to digitalize your procurement processes from supplier selection right through to invoicing.

SAP Ariba Snap: A Snapshot of Your Business Benefits

Optimized Procurement

Especially in purchasing-intensive industries like retail and mechanical engineering, the profit lies in purchasing. Which is why successful companies combine their purchases within a centralized tool that allows them to simplify and standardize all processes. It is an invaluable asset – especially in the case of international supply chains – for minimizing risk and monitoring supplier performance. The global SAP Ariba Snap business network allows SMEs to quickly find the right suppliers for all manner of requirements and manage the entire procure-to-pay process in a highly efficient way.

Close Cooperation with Suppliers

SAP Ariba Snap provides the perfect way of cooperating with suppliers and integrating them directly in your procurement process. Arrange discussions on how to further optimize products and services, for example, or set individual performance targets. Use this convenient feature to also clarify specific order details with potential suppliers, identify optimization potential, and prevent supply shortfalls.

Cost-Efficient Purchasing

You will find it easier than ever to meet your cost targets with SAP Ariba Snap. Your employees will use a consistent database (single source of truth) containing all information on suppliers, spending, and agreements. This total transparency will enable you to act more efficiently and manage spending much more effectively based on categories.

You will be able to buy only from approved suppliers with suitable master agreements – which prevents unauthorized spending by employees in individual departments. Studies show that companies who keep purchasing strictly within existing master agreements spend 40 % less than their competitors.

Effective Supplier Negotiations

SAP Ariba Snap will give you 24/7 access to a global network of approved suppliers: around 2.5 million suppliers are already registered in our network and over 100,000 new suppliers sign up every quarter. This huge selection combined with transparent services and costs will put you in a better negotiating position with your suppliers.

Standardization, Transparency, and Control

Establish tight controls and standardized processes with SAP Ariba Snap. Many steps in the procure-to-pay process can be easily automated – including daily purchase requisitions, digital transactions from ordering to paying, and monitoring discounts. You can keep constant track of individual supplier performance – along with spending and generated savings – in a transparent way.

Insights into the Cloud-Based B2B Marketplace

SAP Ariba Snap Functions at a Glance

Supplier Selection

SAP Ariba Snap will put you in touch with 2.5 million business partners for goods and services. All business partner information is stored centrally and updated automatically. Get first-rate terms thanks to extensive comparisons and open up new sources of supply.


Combine master agreements, quotations and other documents – in a digital format, all within a single platform. You will quickly find suitable products at the lowest price – for a fast return on investment. You can start using the SAP Ariba Snap software solution productively right away thanks to its intuitive user interface. You also have access to pre-integrated suppliers of indirect materials as and when required.

Goods Receipt and Order Monitoring

You can monitor and coordinate orders throughout the entire supply chain quickly and easily with SAP Ariba Snap. Integrated supplier evaluations, including customized supplier profiles, provide transparency and cost-efficiency.

Invoice Processing

You can digitally edit orders and invoices conveniently and with minimal effort using the SAP Ariba Snap procurement software. This will speed up your processes and make communication with business partners more efficient and cost-effective.

How SAP Ariba Helps Suppliers

Discover a more efficient way to manage your customer orders and improve business on the SAP Ariba Network. You will be surprised how quick and easy it is to join. Now, you can replace all manual paperwork with a far more effective digital workflow and process orders faster and error-free. Save time and money, for your customers’ benefits as well. Make your customers happy – with SAP Ariba.

How SAP Ariba Helps IT Lead

Learn how you digitally transform procurement in your organization. Benefit from the best-in-class procurement solution in the cloud. SAP Ariba is easily integrated and offers you a seamless user-experience, consistent end-to-end business processes and ensures system and data security. Make your procurement smarter, faster, and more efficient.

How SAP Ariba Eases Procurement

Strengthen your supplier relationships thanks to compliant spending. SAP Ariba allows you to negotiate better pricing and optimize your savings. With SAP Ariba you keep purchasing under control and your procurement team becomes a strategic and even more trusted partner within the business.

How SAP Ariba Helps End Users

Make purchases simpler, faster, and more comfortable for your employees. With SAP Ariba’s pre-approved suppliers, pre-negotiated rates, and a streamlined digital search process it becomes a walk in the park. Less paperwork, quicker approvals, and fewer payment errors save time for everyone. And your company will save money too with better collective buying power.

How We Can Support You with SAP Ariba Snap

As an SAP innovation partner, we are closely involved in the latest developments regarding SAP Ariba and SAP Ariba Snap. Being an SAP Platinum Partner as well, we have won the SAP Pinnacle Award on multiple occasions. In 2018, we were crowned the three-time winner in the categories SAP Partner of the Year – Database and Data Management, SAP Global Platinum Reseller of the Year and SAP SuccessFactors Partner of the Year – Small and Midsize Companies.

More than 6,000 customers already place their trust in our solutions and services. Our service range extends from SAP strategy consulting and licensing through proprietary industry-specific SAP solutions to application management and hosting services.

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Ready to Go & Out of the Box – SAP Ariba Snap for SMEs
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Ready to Go & Out of the Box – SAP Ariba Snap for SMEs

Join the world’s largest business network and profit from standardized procurement processes with NTT DATA Business Solutions and SAP Ariba Snap.

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