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How to Achieve Consistent Logistics by Connecting the Entire Shipping Process with SAP

Gain total transparency over the whole shipping lifecycle and centralize your logistics data with it.x-press from NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Integrate Your Whole Shipping Process with it.x-press

The current business era is centered on globalization. To effectively meet challenging logistics demands, enterprises must adopt simple and effective methods for managing orders and deliveries. Full integration of the shipping process is important, particularly for companies that must ship a large volume of goods daily. That is why NTT DATA Business Solutions designed the it.x-press solution to work with SAP solutions, such as SAP ERP.

Work Together Smoothly with All CEP Service Providers and Forwarding Companies

it.x-press optimally maps handling from start to finish. Furthermore, the solution allows businesses to digitally connect with CEP service providers (courier, express, and parcel) and forwarding companies – resulting in complete transparency.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has many years’ experience in assisting businesses in optimizing the shipping process and is the perfect partner to bring your procedures into the digital age.

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More than 80 transport CEP service providers and forwarding companies are integrated into it.x-press.

Are You Facing One or More of These Challenges in Logistics?

  • Is it potentially difficult for you to keep track of managing deliveries and orders on different platforms?
  • Is it quite complicated for you to calculate your logistics costs accurately?
  • Is the status of your deliveries 100% transparent to you?
  • Is your shipping process fast and streamlined enough to stay ahead of the competition?
  • Can you say with certainty and peace of mind that you always comply with all regulations?

If you are searching for answers to one or more of these questions, just contact our experts and learn about our solution it.x-press. With it.x-press you get the all-round package that meets all your shipping needs.

it.x-press Reliably Meets the Demands of Your Customers - Wherever They Are

Integrate Transport Service Providers into SAP ERP or SAP EWM

it.x-press simply integrates all ongoing business processes into your existing SAP system. This eliminates the requirement for service provider-specific or in-house software. You can manage numerous shipping tasks from a single, centralized system. Not only does this give you more time to focus on your core business, it frees up resources and subsequently reduces operating costs.

Make Cost Control for Logistics More Accurate

Manage and control costs more effectively with it.x-press. The solution has a user-friendly freight costs interface that provides a clear overview of your transport service providers. In this way, you can perform direct freight expense calculations for all of your providers. Additionally, the agile and intuitive design caters to efficiently managing shipping invoices.

Monitor Your Transport Service Providers in SAP ERP

Track and monitor the handling process from start to finish. Benefit from features, including customizable shipping options for each service provider, label printing, printing of manifest lists, data conversion, transmission, and shipment tracking. All of this enables you to know the status of any order, so that nothing gets lost.

Accelerate the Shipping Process

By establishing a direct connection to your CEP service providers and forwarding companies, you ensure that you have relevant information available to you in a simple format. This enables you to quickly act on key business data and understand the whole delivery lifecycle. Moreover, you do not need to allocate time and resources to maintaining numerous in-house systems; NTT DATA Business Solutions handles all of this for you.

Minimize Liability Risks

it.x-press is continuously supported by NTT DATA Business Solutions. Updates are applied when necessary, so that your practices and standards remain up-to-date at all times. Clear mapping of the entire shipping process and document generation means you have peace of mind when it comes to complying with legal standards. Furthermore, the modular design allows you to make changes to your system to suit the needs of your business.

Fully Integrate Your CEP Service Providers with it.x-press

Our integration solution, it.x-press, establishes a direct connection to all of your transport service providers.

Expensive service provider-specific or in-house software are now things of the past. it.x-press thus helps you save precious time and money.

From Start to Finish: NTT DATA Business Solutions Supports the Entire Shipping Process

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S

Our turnover has grown by almost 10%, but we are handling it with the same staff resources, and we have simultaneously reduced our overtime.

Tina Isen, Global Shipping Manager, VIKING A/S

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it.x-press: How We Can Support You

For over 25 years, NTT DATA Business Solutions has worked closely with organizations from all industries to streamline and optimize key business processes. Having built up expertise in the logistics sector, NTT DATA Business Solutions is the perfect partner to help you ensure that orders and deliveries run smoothly every time. The wide variety of functionalities that it.x-press offers enable companies to tailor logistics processes to their needs and ensure reliable as well as time- and cost-effective operation.

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