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it.RF Transactions

Improve Efficiency of Your Warehouse Communications and Processing

A simple, easy way to control and improve warehouse processing efficiency using radio frequency (RF) transactions.

Improve Warehouse Processing Efficiency

Warehouse and Inventory management operations require speed, reliability and accuracy in processing the movement of individual goods, and that’s why many businesses utilize radio frequency (RF) transactions. However, for those using the standard SAP Inventory Management or Warehouse Management solutions, radio frequency transactions are not available. The NTT DATA Business Solutions it.RF Transactions solution supplements SAP Inventory and Warehouse Management to improve warehouse processing efficiency with pre-built RF transactions.

Are You Facing These Challenges?

  • Lack of support for radio frequency (RF) transactions in standard inventory and warehouse management tools
  • Development of radio frequency technology is costly and considered non-strategic
  • Need for a fast, error-free method to mobilize data communications in the warehouse
  • Manual and cumbersome inventory and picking processes
  • Lack of inventory accuracy

The it.RF Transactions solution improves warehouse processing efficiency with pre-built RF transactions.

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it.RF Transactions: A Complete and Efficient Solution

Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Production Operations

Support inventory/warehouse management and production operations transactions beyond the standard SAP transactions, and mobilize your data communications using radio frequency (RF) devices.

No Middleware Required

The it.RF Transactions solution does not require middleware, so it reduces the effort required to get up and running quickly, and saves you time and money.

Seamless Integration with SAP

Since the entire business logic lies within the SAP R/3 ABAP Workbench, it is relatively easy to implement additional processes or change existing functions.

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