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it.Analytics CXO Dashboards

Financial Dashboards for Prescriptive Industry and Line of Business Reporting

Gain visibility to key business metrics with easy-to-manage financial dashboards with real-time data.

Real-time KPIs Deliver Business Value

In today’s high-data business environment, getting accurate analytics for decision-making in real time can be a challenge. Executives in the C-suite need the ability to unlock data buried in SAP and non-SAP systems, with easy access through a variety of devices, including mobile. Gaining visibility into key business metrics across the organization and ensuring that management adopts a culture of using these insights for decision making is crucial.

Do you struggle with the following?

  • Long lead times to define KPIs
  • Difficulty developing custom reports and dashboards
  • Lack of real-time visibility into your data
  • Reliance on data dumps from your ERP for analytics
  • Limited visualization options
  • Reporting is done on day, week or month old data
  • Slow performance

it.Analytics CXO Dashboards

The NTT DATA Business Solutions CXO dashboards can provide a quick win for your organization though a set of four dashboards, each providing its own set of 10 pre-built KPIs. This rapid deployment solution can be up and running quickly to provide real-time insight to key decision makers in your organization.

4 Real-time Dashboards with 10 Key KPIs Each

CEO Dashboard

Executive dashboard provides great visibility and insight, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on in all aspects of your business.

  • Operating income
  • Operating expenses
  • Total profit (gross profit)
  • Net profit
  • Total Sales
  • Inventory days
  • Top 10 sales (customer/brands)
  • Total inventory
  • Customer fulfillment service levels
  • Project status (project value vs. cost incurred)

CFO Dashboard

Financial dashboards give you quick insight and assist with business decisions on a real-time basis.

  • Total expenses
  • Operating profit (NP – Interest)
  • Cash & bank balances
  • Loans and advances
  • Working capital
  • Cost of inventory
  • Current ratio
  • Net profit to sales percentage
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable

Sales Dashboard

Provides high-level insights for sales managers to better understand key numbers, with strategic and operational overview for the end-to-end sales order processes.

  • Sales analysis
  • Sales trend analysis
  • Top 10 brand sales
  • Sales plan vs. actual
  • Sales returns
  • Open orders/backlogs
  • Delivery performance
  • Total value of overdue deliveries
  • New customer performance
  • Customer fulfillment service levels KPI

Manufacturing Dashboard

Provides 360-degree visibility into spending, suppliers and related market information.

  • Actual production by month
  • Target vs. actual production
  • Reject ratio
  • Rework
  • Plant stock
  • Production cost
  • Labor cost
  • Energy cost
  • Inventory turns
  • Cycle time – manufacturing process


Solution Brief: Real-time Analytics with SAP S/4HANA
Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Real-time Analytics with SAP S/4HANA

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