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Turn new prospects into loyal customers.

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Turn Unknown Online Visitors into Known, Loyal Customers

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, you need a solution for building digital relationships with customers based on transparency and trust.  But doing it on your own isn’t easy.

Build a more secure and privacy-friendly digital ecosystem for your business and customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya.  By doing so, you can grow your audience, boost conversions and engagement and foster long-term brand loyalty.

With three tightly integrated products, the SAP Customer Data Cloud can help your business securely identify consumers across devices and channels.  Drive registrations and engagement, manage permissions and consent across the entire customer lifecycle, and transform data into unified customer profiles that are governed, orchestrated and analyzed from a central and secure environment.

Our solutions help businesses drive maximum value with customer data while significantly lowering total cost of ownership and speeding time-to-market.

Deliver World-Class Personalized Experiences to Customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud and Qualtrics

Customer demands are more particular than ever. That’s why companies need feedback in order to deliver a superior customer experience. Learn how the SAP Customer Experience solutions allow you to listen to your customers, understand their sentiments, and deliver five-star experiences.

Learn more about why it is vital to adopt a clearly defined omnichannel strategy.

Build More Trusted and Valued Relationships with Customers

Many businesses have become accustomed to “going it alone” for customer experience initiatives that tap into customer relationship management, data management platform, marketing automation and other marketing technology platforms. This can result in multiple, disparate data silos that make some vital functions difficult or even impossible.

SAP Customer Data Cloud can help you master the new customer landscape and build trusted and valued relationships with customers.


SAP Customer Identity

Provide seamless and secure access for customers through best-practice registration and social login screens and flows easily customizable to your business case. Gather valuable, permission-based data to drive more personalized experiences while protecting customers’ personal data.

SAP Customer Consent

Address regional data protection regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), while enhancing customer trust through more transparent online interactions and full lifecycle consent management. Enable customers to maintain control over their own data through an intuitive, self-service preference center.

SAP Customer Profile

Break down data silos and transform a variety of attributes into a single unified profile that can be orchestrated across every application and service. Centrally govern customer accounts and data to enable a more stable and integrated digital ecosystem, and analyze data to drive more effective in-moment marketing.

Data Privacy and Trust

Owning customer data is critical for business success, and trust is the ultimate currency.  SAP Customer Identity (formerly Gigya Identity Management) allows you to build clean, strong, compliant data that the customer trusts and controls.

Second, the more data you have, the better your tools and solutions work and the more they can do. SAP S/4HANA provides everything that’s happening in the back office, while SAP Customer Experience solutions provide what’s happening in the front office.  It’s quite an alliance.

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