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Modernizing SAP HCM: Enhancing User Experience with HR Renewal

This is Part II in our series on how to modernize your SAP HCM environment. This installment discusses the HR Renewal functionality.

In Part I of this series, we discussed the Fiori User Experience (UX) from an HCM perspective. In this blog, we’ll discuss HR Renewal as another modernization tool for HR departments to leverage for their on-premise SAP ERP HCM (SAP HCM) environments. As Part of SAP’s Core HR renovation program, aimed to boost productivity of HR professionals and increase HR efficiency, HR Renewal focuses on the role of the HR department by delivering a consumer-grade user experience (UX) and functional improvements.

Enhancements for the HR Professional

Many of HR Renewal’s enhancements focus on the role of the HR professional – the one who is responsible for employee and organizational data – in addition to the employee and manager roles from a self-service perspective. By providing a single point of access (see screenshot below) for all HR roles, HR Renewal enables efficiency with pre-configured lanes for each role that are standard to increase productivity.

Pre-configured Examples:

  • My Team, Approvals, Favorite KPI’s, Work Feeds, Search, etc.
  • My Info, My Learning, My Services, Work Feeds, Search, etc.




Efficient Navigation – Users can navigate content in a matter of clicks. Information is organized, prioritized and more accessible.

Consumer-Grade Look and Feel – Screens offer a modern appearance that is more attractive and in line with what users are used to experiencing day-to-day.

Introduction of Social Concepts – Users are introduced to several social concepts via SAP Jam. With profiles, feeds and updates, users are able to collaborate and obtain help from their peers.

Functional Enhancements – Although most commonly associated with cloud products, quarterly updates (also known as Feature Packs) are provided to increase and enhance functionality of HR Renewal on a continuous basis. On-premise customers can leverage their existing systems, but also receive continuous innovation as they transition to the cloud at their own pace.

Ultimately, modernization tools like Fiori and HR Renewal offer on-premise customers the ability to enhance their existing investment with the added benefits of a cloud-like consumer grade UX, mobile capabilities and intuitive functionality.


Dan De Bord
Dan De Bord
Senior EC Consultant

With over 18 years of SAP experience, Dan De Bord is a seasoned and experienced Solutions Consultant and has been involved in over 40 SAP projects which includes 9 upgrades, and 50% of his SAP projects have included HR/Payroll components. With much of his experience concentrated in the Public Sector, Dan has also worked with entities in the Transportation, Retail and Manufacturing industries. Dan started working with Success Factors in 2013 and has delivered 4 successful Employee Central go lives since that time. These entities were all global based companies that required multiple languages and country specific languages. Each entity had unique requirements that Dan leveraged both his technical and functional experience to find the best solution to deliver the functionality.

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