New “Fiorized” Home Page for SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors continues to adopt the SAP design principles known as “Fiori,” providing a more modern and consistent user experience across SAP SuccessFactors HCM landscape. Over the last few releases, SAP has been using the cutting edge design language SAP Fiori (UX) to improve the look and feel of the entire BizX suite.

During the first two releases of 2016 (R1602 and R1605), more than 80 pages were updated with Fiori UX across SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite which included the following areas:

  • Benefits Summary
  • Intelligent Insights
  • Home Page

In the 2016 Q3 release, an additional 100+ pages were updated with Fiori design, including:

  • Career Worksheet
  • Performance Management Forms
  • Goal Plan
  • Compensation Executive Review
  • Recruiting Talent Pipeline
  • New-hire activity for hiring managers
  • New home page and the log in screen

My favorite is the new “Fiorized” Home Page. It is not only improved, but smartly designed.


Key takeaways from the new SuccessFactors Home Page

1. The ToDo section cleverly groups all tasks based on modules. For example:

  • Review Performance – PM module
  • Plan Compensation – Comp module
  • Provide Interview Feedback – Recruitment
  • Take Courses – Learning

2. The new Home Page supports Theming, enabling you to configure colors and backgrounds.

Go to “Theme Manager”


Select the Fiori theme, then Landing Page to see additional options for branding.


3. There is an additional option for end-users to further personalize the Home Page.


Click on the push pin button to simply hide or unhide a certain tile from the Home Page.


4. Control the functionality and presentation of the Home Page with “Manage Home Page.”


Here are the functions you can carry out in the “Manage Home Page” section:

  • Determine which tiles to enable
  • Assign user permission levels to remove tiles from their own Home Pages
  • Define which group/section a tile will fall under
  • Add new sections, change labels and permissions of existing sections


  • Add a custom tile using the Custom Tile Wizard


The Create Custom Tile Wizard is a guided procedure. Use it to help you create a custom tile with step by step instructions.


Enable the new Home Page now in the Upgrade Center. I definitely recommend to make this upgrade and take advantage of the new aesthetic developments.

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Dan De Bord
Dan De Bord
Senior EC Consultant

With over 18 years of SAP experience, Dan De Bord is a seasoned and experienced Solutions Consultant and has been involved in over 40 SAP projects which includes 9 upgrades, and 50% of his SAP projects have included HR/Payroll components. With much of his experience concentrated in the Public Sector, Dan has also worked with entities in the Transportation, Retail and Manufacturing industries. Dan started working with Success Factors in 2013 and has delivered 4 successful Employee Central go lives since that time. These entities were all global based companies that required multiple languages and country specific languages. Each entity had unique requirements that Dan leveraged both his technical and functional experience to find the best solution to deliver the functionality.

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