SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

Key Factors for a Successful SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

At the beginning of every SAP SuccessFactors implementation, organizations typically start with a vision of how they see their organization utilizing SAP SuccessFactors to its fullest potential. The vision is often focused on streamlining processes, ease of use and providing strategic value to increase employee engagement. During a SAP SuccessFactors implementation, it is important to remain focused on the vision; however, many other key factors contribute to a successful implementation.

Key Factor #1: Change Management

Organizations who have successfully implemented SAP SuccessFactors developed and executed a solid change management strategy. Their change management strategy focuses on developing employees through stages of acceptance: awareness, understanding, acceptance, adoption and ownership. To ensure employees progress through to ownership, it is imperative for organizations to identify their change management risk and identify how to mitigate that risk.

Key Factor #2: Discuss and Design Business Practices

Successful organizations spend time with their implementation partners discussing and designing business practices. This exercise creates an open forum to discuss best practices, lean processes and innovation. By documenting business practices and defining expectations of the SAP SuccessFactors solution, you create a baseline for future implementations and integrations.

Key Factor #3: Project Management

Successful SAP SuccessFactors implementations always include a Project Manager. The Project Manager lends support to the project as being the key person to keep the project on track, ensure deadlines are met and deliverables are complete and that the project remains on budget. Organizations who have invested in a Project Manager can reap the benefits of an implementation remaining organized and ultimately going live on time.

As organizations look to implement SuccessFactors, it is important to remain focused on the vision of how SuccessFactors will provide value to the organization and keep these three additional factors in mind to ensure a successful implementation.

Dan De Bord
Dan De Bord
Senior EC Consultant

With over 18 years of SAP experience, Dan De Bord is a seasoned and experienced Solutions Consultant and has been involved in over 40 SAP projects which includes 9 upgrades, and 50% of his SAP projects have included HR/Payroll components. With much of his experience concentrated in the Public Sector, Dan has also worked with entities in the Transportation, Retail and Manufacturing industries. Dan started working with Success Factors in 2013 and has delivered 4 successful Employee Central go lives since that time. These entities were all global based companies that required multiple languages and country specific languages. Each entity had unique requirements that Dan leveraged both his technical and functional experience to find the best solution to deliver the functionality.

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