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Top HR Trends Part 3: Fine-Tuning Processes to Optimize Performance

This three-part series examines the HR trends revolutionizing the modern office environment—and how your company can adapt to, and even harness, these times of change.Part 3 highlights the methods that can help organizations like yours recruit the best employees and make the most of their existing talent.

More than a Matter of Adaptation

As discussed in the first and second parts of this series, modern technologies and attitudes are strongly influencing how HR departments manage talent. Embracing forward-thinking approaches can result in a more motivated, and subsequently productive, workforce. But how can companies like yours have a direct impact on their employees’ performance?

Success Begins with Recruitment…

Maximizing output begins at ground level. The simple fact is that certain individuals possess traits and skills lacking in others. To minimize time to productivity, it is therefore crucial that enterprises find the right recruits.

In this respect, social media can prove hugely beneficial. As covered in Part 1, the technology encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration among a company’s existing workforce. Yet it also affords organizations greater insight into labor market conditions and delivers a global, wide-reaching platform for advertising vacancies. This helps in identifying and engaging with the brightest talents.

… and Continues with Training

While the importance of hiring the ideal recruit cannot be underestimated, it is equally vital that enterprises provide their staff with ongoing guidance. After all, no newcomer arrives as the finished article. And with the increasing rate of change in the digital age, constant improvement is more essential than ever. Businesses that offer regular training and access to digital learning tools may boost their employees’ performance and enhance their skillsets[1].

Analysis Holds the Key

However, enterprises require a reliable means of measuring the efficacy of both their recruitment and training strategies. Real-time analytics provides companies with clear insights into the performance of individuals and departments, allowing them to see exactly where they need to improve. This supports decisions such as whom to hire, who has earned a bonus, and who requires training in a certain area.

Although analytics unlocks the full potential of other processes in the HR landscape, it is only part of the story. To continue to grow and succeed in today’s business world, organizations must combine the latest technologies with modern attitudes and the right people. This is no easy task and means a lot of work for HR departments.

Fortunately, SAP SuccessFactors solutions are here to help. This compilation of modular software ensures that your business can not only adapt to modern HR trends, but also benefit from them. And with NTT DATA Business Solutions as your implementation partner, your transition into the digital age of HR can be simple, seamless, and successful.


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