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Cloud Migration and Support Models for SAP to Move Your Business Forward

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Businesses are increasingly moving SAP workloads from their internal or third-party data centers to run on private or public cloud platforms. There are several reasons behind this cloud migration move. Traditional hosting services have some inherent constraints that do not lend themselves easily to a world of rapid changes and constant innovation. On the other hand, cloud providers have been successfully rolling out a variety of leading-edge services almost every week. This allows businesses to leverage the latest technologies, experiment, and innovate more rapidly than ever before.

Running SAP on Cloud Platforms Requires Expertise

Cloud migration whether public or private promises a whole new level of business innovation and speed. However, it also requires new skills, new processes, new integrations, and new tools.

Running SAP solutions on cloud platforms requires specialized technical expertise in cloud infrastructure with the ability to build, manage and monitor the virtual network, storage, and compute layers in addition to the Operating System (OS), Database (DB) and Basis administration functions.

Business is moving at a more rapid pace than ever, and technology continues to get more and more complex in order to meet the challenges. Businesses that fail to adapt and adopt run the real risk of falling behind their competitors. With the battle for talent pool getting more intense, businesses need an experienced and forwarding looking ally that can help them stay on the technology curve by bringing in these capabilities and expertise when needed.

Cloud Adoption and Support Options

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ full Managed Cloud services provide a comprehensive solution that manages and monitors the entire suite of cloud infrastructure services and components (network, storage, compute, backup, data protections, high availability, disaster recovery and other services) along with providing the OS, DB and Basis monitoring and administration services for your SAP landscapes.

private and public managed cloud for SAP

Digital Guardian RMSHowever, there are occasions where organizations may want to manage and own the enterprise-wide private or public cloud infrastructure, while collaborating with an external partner for the specialized expertise needed in technical management of their SAP solution.

In those situations, NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Digital Guardian RMS (remote management service) provides a seamless add-on solution that provides complete OS, DB and Basis monitoring and administration services for SAP landscapes. With Digital Guardian RMS installed, businesses are assured of smooth operations and long-term stability of their SAP & IT systems.

For more information about our Digital Guardian RMS services, download our solution brief.

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Darren Mitchell
Darren Mitchell
Director, Managed Services Solutions & Innovations

"Darren brings almost 30 years of diverse experiences working with several Fortune 500 clients across management consulting, technology consulting, global delivery, pre-sales, sales & account management functions. He is currently the Director of the solutions and innovations team for NTT DATA Business Solutions North America's managed services business. Darren has lived in the midwest of the US. His prior work experiences have been with Tata Consultancy Services, Cap Gemini as well as in-house support. Darren holds a double bachelors in computer science and business administration from Milligan College in Tennessee. He lives in the Cincinnati, Ohio area with his wife and has two grown children."

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